Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 5 (Sat June 4) #TheAsianAdventure

As per always on this trip, we took advantage of the 2,000 item breakfast buffet and I went back for a million glasses of freshly squeezed juice.

I ate food too. But it was the juice that was photographable. Watermelon! Pineapple!Kumquat!

And then we went back to our room to get ready.
We were leaving Ho Chi Minh and flying to Danang at 11.

I had hair issues.
My bangs, which I'd had trimmed 3 days before we left had grown 72 inches in 5 days. And they were driving me mental.

So for a day of travel, I pinned them back.
It looked cute for about 10 seconds.

Sue was experiencing challenges with her market purchase; a Vietnamese curling iron. It didn't have a plastic tip, so she kept burning her fingers. That, and it heated up to 4 million degrees.

Plus the handle swiveled.
A nightmare of an appliance, really.

And then there was the matter of luggage. And the closing of it.

Whilst she wrestled with the zipper, I made one last effort at curling my mop with my butane curling iron:

... then took some photos of our view from the window:

And then we met Minh in the lobby ...

The humidity in the lobby flattened and straightened my hair and I felt ugly the rest of the day.
Also. RedBra. What the heck.

And then Sue put this on.

And suddenly my flat hair didn't seem to be much of a problem.

View from the taxi window on the way to the airport:

After checking in, going through security and waiting at the gate, we were packed onto a bus with no seats and shuttled to our plane, parked out on the tarmac.

Sue bought us snacks:

And then we landed in Danang.

We took a cab to the agency where Sue and Minh would be making an ESLi presentation.

While they were settin up, I thought I'd go watch traffic.

Because watching vehicles go through intersections is my new hobby passion.

And then it started to rain.

Lookit Sue's smile. Must be showing off pics of her grandbabies...

And the seminar begins with introductions and smiles.

And then Sue is in her element; talking about her experiences, sharing her knowledge,  while fanning the flame of interest in secondary education options in North America.

After the presentation is over, Minh and Sue meet one on one with the students who have specific questions about their individual options:

And then it's time for photos with the agents:

The Vietnamese are a nation of tiny, beautiful people.

Saying goodbye on the sidewalk...

Minh getting one last hug in... 
(But the lady to the right caught my eye.)

Ahh. The Faces of Vietman. 

The Scooters of Vietman.

This guy was texting a second before I took the shot:


I could sit and watch wheels go by all the live long day.

But we had to move on.

Caught a cab to the beach, where we had dinner ...

... then raced back to airport to catch flight #4 on this trip. 
(Yes, twas raining again.)

Next stop: Hanoi.

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