Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Funning

Monday night: A bunch of us celebrated Maxine's birthday at the Washington Ave Grill in White Rock and laughed so hard we had no make up left by the time the evening was over.

So, no pics.

Tuesday night: I meet Shannon and Zoe at Mill Lake. (I worked with Shannon years ago at Arrow.) Since then she's got her Masters and her Mrs. And had a baby girl.
I got to hold her in my arms (the baby girl, that is) as we walked around the lake. SO precious.
So of course there are pics:

Wednesday night: I met Drew for a quick appointment/meeting then had dinner with Karm whom I hadn't seen since I visited her in the Yukon last fall.

Much talking. Some laughter. One or two tears.

So no photos.

Thursday night: My boy graduated from SFU while I was away. (In my defense, he didn't tell me he was graduating, so I didn't realize he'd be celebrating a huge milestone whilst I'd be getting massaged in Asia). Turns out he totally forgot about it until he saw some grads on Facebook, then remembered that his convocation had been that day. ANYWAY, after a few attempts at organizing a YAY CLINT Celebration Dinner didn't work out, I drove into Vancouver to take him our for something to eat.

Over dinner he educated me on the latest Nintendo app - Pokemon Go.

And yes, there are pics:

Can you see his screen? It's a photo of a Forrest Power Box. There are Pokemon Power Balls or extra lifes or coins or true love or something in it.

Then he pointed to where it was, just outside our restaurant, on the street below:

(We were on the patio of Milestones on Cambie.)
(And the GPS tracking thingy in the game knew our location, so it blinked on where all the Pokemon elements were within walking distance.)

I offered Clint a ride back to his office afterwards, but he said no. He had Pokemon to catch.

So very proud of him and all that he's accomplished in his 20's.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Summer evenings.

2. Milestones brought back their salmon and prawn salad, YAY.

3. The people in my life. This has been a rich, full, exhausting, lovely week.

Shalom friends,

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