Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer is Overrrrr

I've been crying all week.

No really, I have been.

On Tuesday evening, I saw Light Between The Oceans and just sobbed.

Tonight? I went to an AA meeting to celebrate a friend's One Year Cake. And as she shared, the tears flowed. (Addiction. Such a hard journey for those with the decease and for those who love them.)

Summer's end could have something to do with it. Or hormones. Or our current housing market. Or nostalgia. (I'm going through old photos (all 19,000 of them) to scan photos for the wedding slide show. Oh those Oboys... soooo cute. Such amazing memories.)

Sun's supposed to out again this weekend.
Here's hopin'.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. God knows our housing needs. Trusting in Him and His plan.

2. My brains. I figured out how to connect and install my new printer/scanner with only a minimal amount of tears on Monday night.

3. People who share their stories so that others may learn from them. Seriously. NA and AA meetings are places of healing and encouragement and community.


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Tricia said...

What a sweet photo.