Monday, September 5, 2016

And, it's over?

Why did God make summer the shortest of all the seasons?
And who voted to make winter the longest?

I am such a whiner.

Saw Pat Benatar on Friday night with a friend:

She is 63 years old. (Pat Benatar. Not my friend.)
And belts out her hits as if she were 27.
Confident, strong, energetic.

Her husband and business/band partner is her guitar player. (Spyder.)

He reminds me of my dad:

Black n red clothes.
Red shirt open with hairy chest on display, as well as a thick chain.
Long white hair, slicked back.
Totes in love with his woman.
But likes a bit of attention himself...

They've been married 34 years.


My Saturday was supposed to be spent looking at open houses, but between me seeing the listings on Tuesday, and making arrangements to view on Saturday, they were all sold by Friday. SO.

I will not waste this post by complaining about the housing market. The fact that I'm (kinda) in it (the position to make a purchase) means I'm luckier that 90% of the world. So. I will shut up about the prices and buying frenzy that is causing me to have stomach aches and insomnia.

Instead, I did laundry, then met John and Val for dinner in Chilliwack, where we talked for hours about everything under the sun and then some. And ended up at the lake with these two:

Who tackled a never-made-before meal of fish n chips with fresh halibut.

And it was SO good.
Like, amazingly awesome.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Neighbours who give us fish. Kids who are determined to make a meal with that bounty.
2. One last sunny day. Sunday afternoon was beautiful. I am so lucky to have this place.
3. Friends who say 'yes' to my requests for help re: wedding stuff. Feeling blessed beyond measure.

Shalom friends.
Wishing you a gentle transition into the next season on the calendar.
Autumn; we're ready.


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