Friday, September 2, 2016

Guess what we did at work today?

We were dived into teams, (approx 9 to a table) given an assortment of ju jubes and toothpicks and 15 minutes.

Under a sheet at the front of the room was a ju jube n toothpick structure that we were to replicate.

One person from each team at a time, could go lift the sheet to look at the structure.

I volunteered to make lists, assign tasks and prepare a timeline. (Because I suck at this sort of thing.)("sort of thing" being actually doing the project.)

It was decided that 9 was definitely too many cooks in the kitchen, so we, (the seven women on the team) were prepared to be supportive and cheery for the two guys who could do the actual construction.

The first guy looked under the sheet came back and said, "It's just a huge colossal mess..."

So a few more of us went to have a look.

Including me. And my brain could not compute a way to see, even a corner of the structure, and remember the details enough to get back to the table and reproduce it.

Our new strategy was to each of us to go back and memorize just a small section and build that, independently. We'd connect all the pieces after. But the first three people from the team that went to memorize a section, all came back AND BUILT THE SAME SECTION.

With less than 5 minutes left, and no real plan, it suggested we just build a great structure using as many jujubes and toothpicks as possible, exuding confidence in our final product. It'd be up to the judges to compare ours with the original and prove beyond a doubt that ours wasn't in fact exactly the same.

This was the original. (Above)

This was ours:

Dead on accurate, I'd say.
You tell me where, exactly, it's not the same.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. There are three long weekends in the summer.
2, Movie dates with friends. And the long conversations that take place afterwards.
3. Red jujubes.

Shalom friends,

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September said...

That's so fun!