Saturday, October 22, 2016

ReadAThon - Preview

It’s READ-A-THON time again!

(This time with the very talkative and vivacious Plett sisters; last one we did one together was Oct 2011. They’ve had babies and moved to n from the Prairies since then.) I’ll update every hour, as well as add one photo per post from LAST weekend. (For those of you who read my blog but don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’ve posted a couple hundred wedding photos already… I’m gonna post my very favoritest ones here.)

Rachel is part of a book reviewing/book reading/book loving online community. She is doing the read-a-thon 'officially' as part of Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon. It starts on Sat at 5 am, and ends on Sunday at 5am. Her husband has respectfully requested that she not stay up all night. 

No one has talked to me about my anticipated hours of sleep, so I'll stay up late, sleep in late, and take a few hours 'off' on Sat evening to photograph an 80th birthday party in Tsawwassen. Yes, that will be quite the drive, but I couldn't miss it.

My blogging format will be:

Who's doing what: 
It's around midnight. The sisters have been in their beds for hours. Their love of reading fades in comparison to their love of sleeping. (With three girls under 5 between them, the luxury of an uninterrupted night's sleep drew them up and away shortly after 10.)  
I am puttering around the kitchen, poking my nose into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, charging my Kindle. Then I'll have a bubble bath and read in bed for an hour. 

Reading: My kindle has 13 new book selections to choose from. Not sure what I'll start with. 

Pages read this hour: Won't be any this hour. We'll see about the next. 

First sentence of second paragraph on current page: Haha. Thought this might be fun. If it turns out to be too much work, I'll eliminate it from future posts.

What I’ve been eating: Those sisters brought a ton of food. So. Many. Snacks. I have not eaten this hour. (Although this hour is only a few minutes old, I don't anticipate eating.)

Reading position/location: Bed. 
My first hour will be me reading in bed. With the window open and the sound of the rain pelting the roof.

Dani and her girls in robes, in my mom's room, getting ready. 

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