Friday, November 18, 2016

Read-a-thon The Sequel.

At it again.
24 hours.
+ 2 friends.
+ 12 books between us.
+ 3 meals prepared by someone who is not me.
= The Best Way to Start a Weekend.

I will officially begin reading at 9. Until then Ima gonna snoop around Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Amazon and Good Reads.

This'll be my template for the next few hours:

Book I'm reading:
Pages this hour:
Third sentence I read at the start of this hour:

Seeing I don't plan on eating til morning, I won't be talking about snacks.
Seeing it's absolutely silent here, I won't be reporting on things I'm hearing.
Seeing I'm anticipating sitting at the kitchen table until I go to bed, I won't be sharing my seating arrangements.

These could be boring updates.

But Drew and Danica just posted all the officially taken photographs at their wedding, so in the interest of making this a delightful series of posts, come on back every hour to see another pic of them.

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