Thursday, November 17, 2016


So. I started this blog post in early November. Each entry is a few days after the previous one. I haven't published this post because it feels dark and dreary and whiny.

Decided to post it tonight because this is how I cope. Daylight Savings sucks.


I'm watching I Saw The Light on Netflix and it's depressing the heck out of me.

It's the Hank Williams story. (And with Hank Williams being my dad's favorite singer, I am very familiar with the soundtrack to this movie. "Hey hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin...")

Watching a marriage disintegrate is depressing.
Witnessing a man slowly lose his life due to alcohol and drug abuse is heartbreaking.

Why am I still watching? It's November for goodness sake. I need to be thinking bright and happy thoughts. This is dumb.


I am a little bit alot frustrated with the internet connections in my life.
At my mom's, it just shuts down every 30 - 40 minutes.
And at the lake, its slow. Like, really slow. It took 2 minutes to open this page so that I could write this sentence.

I totally realize this is a first world problem, so I should just suck it up buttercup.
BUT the other part of me wonders about being a good steward of my time and money. And if an internet connection is being paid for, surely we should expect decent/reliable/normal service?

Waa waa waa.
Definitely a whiner tonight.


Some of you (actually every single one of you who knows me in real life) have been wondering about my housing situation. And the question, "are you still looking for a house?" is the first thing I am asked. Repeatedly. Daily.

Yes, I am still looking for a house.
Yes, I must be the pickiest purchaser ever in the history of the world.
No, other than the one I put an offer on in September, I haven't found one yet.
Yes, I am sad and feeling a little desperate about it all.

Yes, I am praying about it.

Yes, there's probably a lesson in this for me, and by the time I get into a house I will be so full of godly character you're gonna wanna barf.

In the meantime, my mom offered my basement set up to Drew and Danica. So Drew moved out of his rental (where he'd been with a buddy for two years) and on Oct 1 (two weeks before the wedding) he moved into the basement, and I moved two floors up into a bedroom on the top floor, sharing a bathroom with my mom.

(Originally this room housed a wooden doll collection as well as an assortment of peach satin and lace accessories. Those were moved into my dad's old room. Then I rearranged the furniture so that I could watch Netflix on Drew's TV from the sleigh bed with the 25 yr old single mattress. Hahaha. I sink 10 inches when I get into it.)
NO, I am not buying a new bed for this room.
I am buying a house.
This is temporary.
And fine.

The night I took possession of this room.

What it looks like now.

Yes, you are correct.
There is no real furniture in this room.
My clothes are in piles around the room. 
My laptop is on a table, with desk-like things in the a pile underneath. 
My bathroom things are in a pile in the closet. 

This is temporary.

You will notice the lack of window coverings. So this is the opposite of the windowless basement I was staying in for three years. This room, is bright. 
My view during the day is lovely. I have one window that faces north, two that face west and one that faces south. 

It's November 16 today.
This month? I've read the Facebook updates of friends who've been vacationing in Hawaii, Palm Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Florida and Mexico. 

I will admit there are evenings when I feel sorry for myself. Like an entitled millennial who wishes she had one more week of vacation time left, plus the cash to finance a week of sunshine. 

So I've kept myself busy doing rainy day activities... like going to the movies:

And watching Netflix:

And I've read a few books:

Am I wasting my life?
Or do I have the best November Coping Skills ever?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Drew and Danica have been offered a House Sitting opportunity for three months. They'll be moving this weekend. I am Thrilled for them. 

2. Another read-a-thon at the lake this weekend. I love having friends who read. I am grateful we have a cozy place to retreat to. I am so thankful that my weekend companions like to bake buns and make soups and stews. 

3. I am thankful for a cousin who invites me over for mashed potato pizza and peanut butter balls. And a sister who cuts my hair. And a daughter-in-law who is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. 

Hoping you are surviving this month. 

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