Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Back to Normal

First I was sick for a week.
Then I had no extra energy for a week.
Then we had another blizzard and our office was closed for a couple days (and THIS TIME I WAS GOING TO MAINTAIN THE DRIVEWAY AND SIDEWALK if it killed me.)
And then there was the long LOVE weekend which (sort of) included Family Day and Valentine's Day.

Despite numerous attempts to gather my kin, I couldn't make it happen. They all have friends. And plans. And I understand.

So I went to the lake bt myself and watched the ice melt.

Which, admittedly, was pretty spectacular.

Yes, I was feeling a little sorry for myself.
Everywhere I  looked people were holding hands.
And Facebook was just one happy family after another posting their adventures.
Haha. Nothing like feeling like a loser on Family Day especially if you work for an organization during the week that's All About Families.

And it didn't help that I read this. Because it made me question/doubt what I was doing two decades ago.

Right on the heels of Family Day was Valentine's Day... another day that emphasizes how not married I am.

Whoa. What a whiney mess.
Totes embarrassing. Get a grip woman. THIS IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

Bring on Feb 15.

Nothing but lengthening days and rising temperatures ahead.
Thank you, God, that Spring is just around the corner.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The new series on Netflix: Abstract - The Art of Design. I'm finding it fascinating.
2. The book, Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight. My boys have all read it and recommended it to me. Also fascinating. (Story of Nike, by it's founder.)
3.Lovely email from a colleague at work that undid me. A card in the kitchen from my mom. Then a beautiful surprise in my bedroom that had me bawling. Daughters are the best invention ever.


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