Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This n that.

Tonight? On Feb 28, with the snow falling (again) outside, I am binge-watching The Kindness Diaries on Netflix.

(It's about an English bloke from Los Angeles, on his motorcycle, traveling around the world with no money. He depends on the kindness of strangers for food, shelter and fuel. Some parts area bit cheesy, but there are enough inspirational moments to keep me watching.)
(Our world is so very beautiful. I would love to see more parts of it. even India. But if not in this lifetime, then I'm counting on heaven being breathtaking.)

Watch it if you want to see how kind people can be. #Humbling


This article.
I really shouldn't read parenting articles.
How many things did I do totally wrong?
All. Of. Them.
In awe that my three are self-reliant, functioning adults.


And this article.

“It has been Christ’s plan since the beginning of the church to advance his kingdom through dinner tables.”

“God has made forks and spoons, pans, pots, and plates weapons of war against the darkness.”

Showing hospitality is a fight. Satan will convince you, six ways to Sunday, that you don’t have time to share your table with others. Whether scheduling issues, sports practices, fatigue, or money constraints — there will always be a reason not to invite others over for dinner.
But hospitality is worth the fight. When you survey your kitchen at the night’s close, and it is filled with dirty silverware, piles of plates, and a sink overflowing with greasy pans and pots, may you realize these are the well-used weapons of our war against the darkness. Make your ladles, casserole dishes, and cookie sheets become your trusty side arms in our fight to expand his kingdom.

This friend.
I loved our photo shoot.
She is full of life, laughter, wisdom, and wit.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A sunny Sunday afternoon.

2. A walk along the Promenade

3. So thankful that we're saying goodbye to February tonight.

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