Saturday, March 25, 2017

Random Bits n Pieces of Nothing, Really

Know what this means?

(There are 6 of them in my bedroom.)

This means I am that child who is living in their parent's house and has a room full of glasses that need to be brought down to the kitchen.

Yes, you can mature backwards. I am living proof.


Blue books.
On my desk at work are the 4 books I'm working my way through.
I did not choose them because they match.
Although you are right in thinking that possibly I did.
But I did not.

This was purely coincidental.

I would recommend them all,


Last week instead of just our usual Pokemon walk, Heather had a brilliant idea.
Michaels and Winners, first.
Then a walk around The Fort, to catch those pesky monsters because someone has to do it.  (Because we are from that generation who commits to something fully and completely til death do us part. Boredom, or the-next-shiny-thing doesn't lure us away from our goal of catching All The Pokemon.)

As soon as we walked in the door, a sense of peace (with a dash of joy) settled over my entire being.

I don't even scrapbook, but just being around the supplies was life-giving.
So many textures. All those colours. The patterns. The  orderliness of the displays,

It's the potential that excites me.
So many beautiful things can be created if you have the right materials to work with.

And then?

A marriage between my craftstore life and my office life!
Beautiful get-yourself-organized note papers.
I bought some felt pens.

Next stop was Winners.
I think I've been in a Winners once before in my life.
So this was an adventure for me.

Know what got me all happy?

Actually, soap packaging.
Little bits of art. Right there. Wrapped around big, fat bars of soap.
So pretty.

No, really.
This is not your mom's bar of ivory.
THIS? Is stunning.


I bought this one:

... and a frying pan.

And then we walked n talked n filled our bags with balls.
(It's a Pokemon term, you wouldn't understand.)


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Thursday evening shopping adventures.
2. Creative people, art supplies, pretty things.
3. Soap.


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