Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Breaking Part Two

Tuesday morning.
I can do whatever I want.

I wash the 6 strands of hair still attached to my head, then take a load of things to the Salvation Army thrift store.


1. Because if and when I get a house it will be far smaller than my last one I owned. I will not have room for all my 'stuff'. Plus, even if I do have room, I do not want a cluttered or full house. It's totally OK to have some surfaces bare... it's restful for the eyes and mind, no?

2. Pinterest told me to:

3. Because I was thinking of selling my books (hundreds of them) ($1 each?) and giving the money to a charity. And when I looked around, I realized that I totally support all of the Salvation Army's initiatives. They are on the front line of helping people in the inner cities and ghettos. They have soup kitchens and housing for the homeless. They would be the recipient of my book money. But then? They could probably sell them for more than I could. So why not just give the books and clothes and decorative items directly to them?

4. Unloading donated items at my local Sally Ann is a simple process with helpful volunteers who make me feel like a hero for stopping by.

So that was my first stop.
This is going to be a long post if I over-explain why I'm doing what I'm doing.
Settle in.

Then I went to my get my eyebrows threaded.
Which ended up being quite extensive as eyebrow hairs had wandered south and taken root elsewhere on my face in abundance. She recommended waxing the whole thing (entire front of head), but I opted for the lingering pain of a full face threading.

After spending Sunday afternoon at Dani's salon, I realized how dirty and run down this threading place is. Danica was horrified. 

Do I know how to Spring Break or what?

Yes, Jane. You do. Like a boss.

I met Danica at my mom's at noon. It was her day off too...
We drove to an Asian dollar store in Aberdeen Mall in Richmond guided entirely by Google maps because neither of us had been to Richmond's China Town before.

(I'd hired her friend, Melissa, to do a lettering class with my designers earlier this month, and she recommended this particular store (Daiso) for affordable brush pens.)

The mall was something, and that dollar store was something else. 
First of all, everything was $2. 
Which? DIRT cheap. 

It was two stories high, and had everything. EVERYTHING you'd find at the Richmond Night Market plus more.

We were the only blondes. 

Then, on our drive back to Surrey, she bought tickets, via a phone app, for us to see a movie:

Oh my goodness, so awesome and beautiful and musical and I was completely mesmerized. 
You should go see it. 

Read this if you're worried about that gay scene. (To be honest, I totally missed it. Too busy getting caught up in the colours and music and magical happiness.)

Afterwards we went out for dinner (and brought home some take out for Drew). 

While he ate, she tried out her new pens:

And then I went to the gym. And tried the treadmill for a change and a challenge. (It's on the mostly-men side of the room.) 



I went over to my sisters for a hair consult. 
First time in years and years that we've sat in her laundry room during daytime hours. 
What a treat to not have to rush over to her place after work; I could so get used to not working every single day. 

Anyway. we discussed at length whether or not I should go ahead with some highlights. 
My mom, who was there, voted yes. 

Jule was undecided. 

I needed SOMETHING. 
So we went for a minimal amount. Like. hardly any.

I think we were both nervous, for the first time ever, about how much (more) hair I'd lose in the process. Like, when she pulled that cap off (old school showercap and crochet hook method) would all the highlighted hair would get yanked out by the roots as well?

I may have prayed.

It turned out fine. 

From there I drove over to a specialty shop to buy a bra that had been engineered by bridgebuilders and fashion designers. It is a structural work of art. These apparatuses are not cheap, but wow, do they ever function as expected. 

And then, because I really know how to have a great staycation, I dropped off my income tax papers/receipts at the accountant's office. And was congratulated on how small of an envelope I'd used. Haha. 
I should probably learn how to do it myself.  But, numbers. 

And from there? 
I headed up to the lake. During rush hour. 
Rookie mistake. Took two hours. 

Seconds after arriving, a friend sends me this:

Chilliwack RCMP looking for potentially dangerous Cultus Lake man

A B.C.-wide warrant has been issued for Ian Gerald Mountain, 31, of Cultus Lake, for assault with a weapon, theft under $5000, and wilfully resisting a peace officer.
Mountain is described as an aboriginal male, height 178 centimetres (5'10"), weight 68 kilograms (150 lbs), with brown hair, brown eyes and a tattoo of a cross and "RIP" on his left hand.
If spotted, RCMP caution the public to not attempt to apprehend Mountain and immediately call 911.

Yes, that did dampen my enthusiasm about staying alone.
To reassure myself that he wasn't lurking in a closet upstairs, I called Max and talked to him on my phone while I opened every door and drawer in the place. Satisfied that I was well and truly alone, I said good bye to my boy and started the party.

I served hotdogs.
To myself.
Then stretched out on the couch and had a nap.

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