Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Breaking Part Three

(Memories from Mar 23 - 26)

I'm away from (my mom's) home. I'm not going to check in on work. No TV or Netflix set up.
(Just a good DVD selection...)

The weather forecast has been for rain til forever, so I planned accordingly.
Nothing but indoor activities.

But when I woke up?
There was no rain.
So I felt compelled to spend some time outside.

Seeing there was a bad guy loose in the Cultus Lake area, I dinna feel safe in this neighbourhood; there just weren't enough people around. So I drove over to the Vedder.

Erhhhm, it took me awhile to get there.
Scenic spots along the way grabbed my attention.

I may have gone for bit of a walkabout at one of the picnic areas.
This not a beach.

And this is not a Palm Tree.

I am determined to find beauty in the rain forest I live in and not moan about the location my soul aches to be relaxing in.

Mind over matter.
Thinking on things that bring life and joy and not obsessing about what others are doing or how I used to spend Spring Break.

This is a new season a life for me.
And its not going to look like my friends's lives.
Or my mom n dad's life.

It's gonna be mine.

The next four days are about me making peace with that.


Next stop was the Vedder, which is getting a new bridge.

THIS? Is a big deal.
They've set up bleachers in the area to watch.
And an invitation will be extended to all whom are interested to come watch them slide the new bit into place sometime this month. WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT!

I have a thing about bridges lately. An insatiable need to walk over them. And photograph them. And just plain appreciate the engineering behind them.

The Vedder trail was surprisingly busy for a random Thursday afternoon.

Such a variety of folks; runners, walkers, dawdlers ...
And an assortment of wheels; bikes, trikes, strollers, walker wheels ...

After walking a couple kilometers, I sat here fer a spell:

... saw evidence of Spring right in front of me:

And despite the forecast for rain, while I sat on that bench, praying for the people I love, the sun came out and shone directly on my face. I closed my eyes and accepted it as a gift.

On my way home I stopped in at Main Beach to catch a few Pokemon, and saw this:

1. The sun glittering off the water. It was practically blinding. I should have sunglasses in my truck.
2, That guy, comfortably sitting on the dock. I should have a folding lawn chair in my truck. Because that looks like an awesome spot to sit.

Twas such a good day, I repeated it over and over again.

  • Researching menopause.
  • Starting a hair-growing diet.
  • Giving up chocolate. And candy. And sweet beverages. 
  • Walking next to bodies of water.
  • Praying. For wisdom, for patience.  
  • Readin my Bible. Trying out Lectio Divina on a different passage each day.
  • Unintentionally hanging out with Matthew MacFadyen. (Started with Ripper Street. Then Pillars of the Earth. And finishing up with Pride and Prejudice.)
  • Making peace with this new stage of life.
  • Trying real hard not to be grumpy about the chocolate thing.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A break from the everyday to reset.
2. A place to retreat to. One that's safe and quiet and comfortable.
3. Almonds. 


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