Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The only time it feels weird to go to church on Saturday evening is at Easter.
24 hours after the Good Friday (Jesus died) service, is the (And Three Days Later, He Arose) Sunday morning Easter Service... on Sat evening at 5:30.  :)

If you're not the church-going sort, you really should try to go at Easter. Seriously the best thing ever. SO much hope and happy. 

If you wonder what you missed, listen online. It should be here in the next day or so. 

(By the way, if going to church on your own freaks you out, call a friend. They'd love to have you join them.)

Anyway, after the emotional heart twister on Good Friday, it was good to spend some time walking through the trails at Aldergove Lake Park in the sunshine with a friend on Saturday afternoon, then hittin up the evening service to be reminded again, that the resurrection is a proven historical event with eternal implications. (Coincidentally, last week at work, we had a movie-luncheon where we all made sandwiches and watched Risen together. Which is a movie about the days immediately following Easter Sunday.)

Thanks, Hollywood, for your part in making my Easter meaningful this year. 


My people came 'home' (to my mom's house) on Sunday for supper. BBQed steak was preferred over turkey, so that was easy. 

(Above) Big bro and lil bro with their new toys. 

(My oldest has been working crazy hours this month as he coordinates staffing and security details for a big conference taking place next weekend. See his t-shirt for more info. So proud of him.)

D2 (Drew and Dani) catching a quick nap on the smallest hardest surface in the kitchen besides the countertop. Our girl was away all weekend attending a stagette; she was exhausted. 

And then someone saw something funny/interesting on the internet:

It was Amy's birthday this weekend...

So we had cake. 
That no one ate. 
Because we filled up on steak n baked potatoes. 

And then?
When I told everyone to put on their shoes, it was Clint's turn to take a nap. 

I had prepared a treasure hunt. For Easter treats. 
Some families (okay, most families) hide plastic eggs filled with candy, chocolates or treats in their yards and have the kids (or everyone, including adults) go look for them. 

I made three gift bags (one for Drew/Dani, one for Max/Amy, and one for Clint), filled with random things including a dinner out for each of them, as well as some candy, chocolate, and a $20 bill each. I hid the bags, then prepared a set of scrambled-word clues that would lead them from one location, to the next, nine times. They'd have to work together to unscramble the words and figure out it's meaning. 

For example, the first clue had three slips of paper.
  • RAC

Which, unscrambled, is KITTY CAR HELLO

Which, of course, is Danica's Hello Kitty Car. 

So they went out to the driveway to look at Dani's car to find the second clue:

Which was taped to her front license plate. 

Clint is still tired. 

And had downloaded an app on his phone that will unscramble words. So while the rest of them try to be good sports and figure out my clues using their BRAINS, he takes a nap and is ready with the answer if they want help. 

Oh Clint. 
It's not about winning. 
It's about playing. 

If nothing else, the treasure hunt gave the girls a chance to see the rest of the property...

His head was near the tap, so Max started to wash his hair. 

And then he disappeared, leaving only his glasses behind...

Last clue.
Apparently the hardest. 
Clint's found a soft spot to lie. 
The others are thinking. 

The Okids huddle:

High 5 for figuring out one of the words:

Back to thinkin:

Anyways, you get the idea...

(Probably brought back a few memories for the boys; I used to hide their stockings every Christmas, and they'd have to work together on the clues I hid around the house, to figure out where they were hid. The girls probably wondered what the heck. Why not hide eggs in the yard like a normal mom.)

We ended the evening with another attempt at dessert and tea, but something on a small screen was terribly interesting. Again.

I actually love how they share all their good findings with each other. 

And they we laughed,

...and played a game or two, which Danica won, as per usual and then it was over. 

Happy Easter from the Ofam to you. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. All 5 of them were free to spend Sunday evening together. Felt like a miracle that I didn't take for granted. 

2. Ten years ago, a day like today would have been an impossibility. If you're in a tough season with your kids/family/situation, hang in there. 

3. I am thankful for their laughter, their curiosity about life, their need for knowledge, their enjoyment of each other's company. 


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September said...

Aw. I love this post and your wonderful treasure hunt and then your three things: good reminder to hold onto hope when the years aren't so easy.
You're my favorite. Good job mom.