Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Civilized Geriatric Woodstock Tour

A couple weeks ago, I posted this video on Facebook:

And then a few nights after that I was out for dinner/movie with friends and we talked about that concert...

And wondered, 'what if'...

What if we could get tickets?
What if we could get affordable flights?

As per usual, I prayed about it. If it was meant to happen, the details would fall into place.
If not, then I was OK with that. I'd made peace about this not being a travel year.

Marg said she'd go online as soon as sales began to try our luck.

We were lucky.

We got 4 tickets.

We, all over 50, will be watching 6 bands, whose members will all be in their 70's. We will not be camping in fields, watching bands perform all day and all night while we sit on blankets, cross-legged and sore.

Oh no. These 6 bands will perform only during the evening hours, in a stadium, with reserved seats. We will all go to hotels for a good night's sleep on comfortable beds with clean sheets in air-conditioned rooms between gigs. LIKE CIVILIZED SENIOR CITIZENS.

Bring on old age.
It's gonna be a riot.

Fleetwood Mac at the Pacific Coliseum was the first concert I'd ever attended. I was 16, it was Labor Day, and it was our first real date. After we married, we saw all of the other bands on this Classic Tour (except Earth, Wind & Fire. I have no memories wrapped up with that group...). One of our last concerts together before we divorced was The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour. So many good memories when I think about this group of bands.

Looking forward to piling on more good memories, seeing these musicians with my friends.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. We've never traveled together, so this is a bit of a stretch. Love the enthusiasm for adventure we collectively have at this stage in life...(NEW YORK CITY. In the middle of summer! Two have never been before. One has cancer, one has arthritis in her knees, one's having surgery on her ankle, one is waiting for surgery on her neck and her eyes ... I snore. None of this is preventing us from grabbing life and finding deals and making things happen).

2. Thankful for old memories. Thankful for opportunities to make new ones. Grateful for gracious friends who work around phobias, fears, limitations and snoring when making plans.

3. So happy that there is no expiry date on art/music/entertainment. As long as people keep making good music, writing good books, making good movies, painting good pictures, capturing good images - there will be folks out there to appreciate it.


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Tricia said...

The favorite bands of my highschool years, what a fantastic concert! Im certain you will have a blast.