Sunday, May 14, 2017

How Well Do They Know Me?

Twas Mother's Day today. I gave the kids a pass and encouraged them to spend the day with their other moms. Drew and Dani hung out at the Stapes. Max and Amy went to Saltspring to hang with her mom. Clint ended up joining me and my mom at The Keg. 

Seeing he was right there beside me, I asked him to answer these 20 questions. His answers are in red. 

Later this evening, while on the deck, enjoying the end of the day, Drew came out to join me. So I asked him the same 20. His answers are in blue.. 

Then I asked Max if he wanted to answer online. His answers are in black. 

1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching? Some obscure British show, not currently available in North America. That, or Friends. Downton Abby, Outlander, Lost, The Office. Something British

2. What dressing does she eat on her salad?  Do you eat salad? 
Caesar dressing on Caesar Salads Ranch? Raspberry vinaigrette?

3. Name something she hates.  Ummm. I don't think you hate anything.Oh wait. Skulls. You hate things with skulls. Oh and you hate having a yoyo spun close to your face.  Things not being planned well. The gay agenda

4. What does she like to drink?
Water Wa
ter water? Tea?

5. Favorite song?  Something by Fleetwood Mac or Matchbox 20 
 Something Christian, Sex and candy? The grease soundtrack?

6. What is her nickname for you? 
Schmauzie Drewbie The best son

7. What does she collect? Books and DVD's. You don't collect anything, you give it all away. Memories

8. What would she eat every day if she could?
Chocolate Can and does eat chocolate

9. What is her favorite color? 
Bluey-green Blue. no wait, is it green? Or that colour - turquoise? Blue?

10. What would she never wear?Anything with a skull on it. Bikini Classic French royalty regalia

11. What is her favorite pro sports team? 
Canucks Caucks Canucks

12. What is something that you do that she wishes you didn't?

That list is too long.  Vape It's probably more things that I don't do

13. You bake her her favorite cake, what is it? 
Brownies  Cheesecake (wait, you like cheesecake, right?) Spice cake, Angel Food Cake Brownies

14. Favorite animal? You don't like animals, do you?  Emu. Blue, the dog

15. What could she spend all day doing if she could? Read. Walk around Vancouver or binge watch TV Reading

16. What's her favorite sweet? Crunch Chocolate

17. One of her favorite memories? Anything with us three in it. Summers at the lake. Realizing I was the best son

18. Her favorite season? Fall. Summer. Cultus summer

19. Favorite alcoholic drink?
Popov vodka straight from the bottle

20. You're in jail; you call her, what's her response? "I've been waiting for this call"


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I am a mom.

2. They're fine boys.

3. They know the most important things about me; the rest doesn't matter.



Valerie said...

I love your boys.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome and yes they know you for sure!
Lynne K.