Tuesday, May 2, 2017


If you'll recall, I was having a bit of a melt down in early March due to unexpected hair loss.

It just so happened during that very same week, Danica was at an industry event for a product line designed for hair loss due to hormonal or seasonal changes.

She picked up a serum and some shampoo for me. I supplemented this with Vit B6 and Folic Acid. (Which I swallowed. I didn't massage this into my scalp.) Plus I added more salmon, almonds, flax, and yams to my diet.(This, too, I swallowed. I did not massage flax into my follicles.) (Just to be clear.) (You may love my results and want to know the details.... so I want to avoid all misunderstandings, I laying it out. In detail.)

HOLY COW do I ever have nice nails now.

Haha. A by-product of those vitamins and that food is strong fingernails.

I don't know what to do with them. So I had a manicure. Twice in the past 6 weeks. It's crazy I tell you.

(Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of your fingernails?)

Also, do you know how much noisier I am on my keyboard?

Do you know how many times a day I look at my hands and wonder who's they are?


Back to hair.

Some people might call that a part. I call it a linear bald spot. That was getting wider and longer.
My hair is especially sparse in the bang area.


The best part about the serum?
Is having a daughter-in-law apply it. Haha. SO glad she lives in the basement. I'll pre-arrange that she has time to help me, then I'll text her that I'm ready. I will be in my pajamas, out of the shower with wet hair, sitting on the top step of the landing (in the stairway to their basement space) and she'll massage the treatment into my scalp. BEST THREE MINUTES EVER.

And after that? ANOTHER GREAT FIVE MINUTES as my scalp tingles and cools and feels like it's sucking on a mint.

(I tried doing it myself, but the potion is liquid, like water, and it drips down my forehead and into my eye. I was worried I'd end up with a line of hair down the front of my face and have a really hairy eye ball. She took pity on me and offered to help.)

I see no evidence of new hair growth.
But my hair feels thicker, less limp, and I haven't noticed any further loss.

So, that's a win?

Ugh. Selfies are so awkward. How do people smile when taking a pic of their own face? That's just so weird.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Feeling feminine at the moment. Thankful for that.
2. That I live with my mom, who has people. I don't have to wash floors or pull weeds with these hands. Haha.
3. Having a live-in hair stylist who does late night treatments in pajamas. Seriously. It's just the best.

Peace out,

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