Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dad? You Would've Loved This

Today is Father's Day.
I'm at the lake, puttering and pondering.
Dad would have been thrilled to see his grandsons here, working.

Clint was filming some 30 second promotional videos at the cabin. I popped in for a few hours on Saturday to bring supper, four people over 50, and do some clean up while he filmed a 'patio BBQ dinner party' scene:

Clint and his team moving props in place

Clint and Adam, smiling. 

Cameraman and director

Waiting for their call to come on set

Dani giving Claire a last minute braid

The series of promo videos are supposed to capture a Canadian summer. Haha. Nothing but cloudy days since he got the contract...

Mark, John and Steve. The 'old guys'.... :)

Adele and Sarah

The Patio BBQ Party. Thanks, girlfriend (Heather) for your enthusiasm and brilliance in front of the camera.



And, 'action'.

Lita and Adele

Snackers, inside. Filmers outside. 

Close up shots

Director, directing.

Another photog in the family?

Campfire shots.

I loved the way Clint included his brothers and Danica in this project; thankful for the way they support each other.

I'm grateful for this place and the memories it holds, so that when it came to scouting out a location for 'fun traditional family summer activities', his first thought was to do the filming here.

Thanks, dad and mom, for your dreams for our family and your investment in a place where your kids and grandkids could gather,laugh, eat, play, and unwind.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Talented people. From camera operators, to directors, to food handlers, to editors, to script writers, to actors, to people who smile, to people who cook and people who clean.

2.  Friends who are game to help out my boy with very little notice. Thank you, Mark, Heather, John and Steve. You all are rock stars.

3. Thankful for people who randomly send me text messages that make me cry. Oh my goodness. I have a whack of affirming and encouraging people in my life.


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