Monday, June 19, 2017

Looking for ideas...

Have you wondered lately how God could use you in the life of the homeless, the hope-less or the hurting?

Have you lived a mostly blessed life and sometimes feel overwhelmed at how much poverty and pain there is in other parts of the world?

Are you open to helping someone who desperately needs kind people to step in and come alongside?

I have a good friend who teaches at a local school in a low-income area. She sent me a message over the weekend:

There's a girl at my school who has been in a really bad, abusive situation (she has been removed from her home now, but it isn't ideal) and we're looking to fundraise to see if we can try to help get her mom here from Nigeria and possibly set up some type of living space. We're hoping that maybe some churches could donate any little bit from their benevolence funds and help them out. Our goal is to raise about $5000. We're also doing some fundraising at our school to help her (but calling it something else to protect her privacy), but our community isn't affluent, so we don't think we will be able to raise very much.

Do you happen to know of any churches or people who go to churches that I could get in touch with that may be able to help out?

If you're reading this, and your heart is hurting for a little girl who needs her mom badly, let me know if you can help. (

If you go to a church in the Fraser Valley that has a ministry that could help this family, let me know, and I'll pass along the information.

If you have experience with this sort of fundraising/care-giving, please forward some ideas. What can we do to make a difference?

Please share this blog post.

Dear God,

Thank you that *Sarah's situation has been made known to us. Thank you for her teachers who noticed and cared. Thank you for the opportunity to extend love and gifts on someone who desperately needs friends who care.

Please protect her in her current living situation. Surround her with Your angels. Let no evil thing touch her. God? Keep her safe.

Please protect her mom in Nigeria. If it's Your will, I pray You will arrange for her to be re-united with her girl. So. Many. Details. Good thing You're a God of Details. And miracles.

Show us how to proceed.

I know that You are already on it, doing far more than we could imagine or ask for. Thank you.


* not her real name. Obvs.

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