Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Palm Springs | Two, Three, Four

We fell into a rhythm that has worked well for both of us.

She goes to bed at 10 pm.
I go to bed at 2 am.

She gets up at 6 am and is hiking by 7 am. Shopping at 9 am. Home at 10 am.
I sleep until 10 am.Then log in to work for an hour.

We meet at the pool in the back yard at 11 am.

At 4 she goes she goes shopping.
I log in to work for an hour.

At 6 or so we go out to eat (or make something here.)

At 9 she winds down for the night.
At 9 I go for a long walk around the neighbourhood.

At 10 she goes to bed.
At 10 I don't.

Bangs update. At a completely annoying stage. They're like soffits on my head. 

That is my corner. 8 inches of water. I put a pool noodle behind my back and I'm golden. 

Julie. Trimming the dead palms off her tree.

Sexxxy car. I was the driver on Monday night. Serious fun. 

Home for 5 days. S i g h. 

Today's clouds made for a spectacular sunset. 

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