Sunday, November 5, 2017

Palm Springs | Five

And just like that (*snaps fingers), it was over.
Five days fly by at the speed of summer sometimes.

We started the day, as per usual, with her hiking, shopping, etc and me sleeping. But after 11 am our goal was to clean the house and tan as much as possible. I'm not going to see the sun again til next July so I may have had an air of desperation around me.

We'd tan, then vacuum, then tan, then clean out the fridge, then tan, then wash bedding, then rejoice when we received texts advising us that our departure was delayed by an hour. Then tan, and take out the garbage then receive another text that our flight was delayed AGAIN by an additional half hour.

We felt like we'd hit the jackpot with our crappy discount airline.

In the end, we flew out of Palm Springs at 7:30 pm, with me in the middle seat between an older retired American couple who weren't all that pleased to have me separating them.
Him: Did you PAY to sit in THIS middle seat?
Me: Nope. Just lucky I guess...
Him: I don't understand why you're sitting here. Can't you move?
Me: Happy to. If there's any empty seats, I'll move.
Him: Why don't you move right now? The seat in front of me is empty. Here, give me your bag, I'll pass it forward...

The flight attendant with the intercom was not pleased with our game of musical chairs, and from the front of the plane, I was told to return to my seat until we were in the air and the pilot had turned off the seatbelt sign. We were currently still on the ground, at the gate, with the doors not even closed on the plane.

It would be 45 minutes til the seat belt sign was turned off. And every 2 minutes he'd turn to me and say, "Just go. I'm sure it'll be OK."

I was sure it wouldn't. So I sat there, between two grumpy 78 year old Semiamhoo residents watching that seatbelt sign bugging God to pleasssse make it turn off.

Like I said, it took 45 minutes which felt like 10 hundred hours, but I eventually moved to an aisle seat (my fav). And was home by midnight.

And now, a couple days later, I have nothing but warm memories of those five perfect days in the sun.

I need to find a way to have Palm Springs be a regular part of my life.

Thanks, Jule, for the invite.
Twas awesome x 1000.

This chair is mine. You can tell because of the SPF4, ice water and kindle. 

After we ran out of treats for the trickertreaters, we closed shop and went to a Build-A-Burger for supper. This is photographic evidence that I was indeed in the USA. 

Lunch on the last day.

My view for 5 glorious days.

Quintessential California girl

My corner of the pool. 


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