Monday, November 20, 2017


Blogger has a new feature!
It's called "reactions"...
(see it there at the bottom of this post?)

I guess people stopped blogging as much as they used to because it's way more fulfilling to post thoughts to Facebook and photos to Instagram where one gets immediate feedback.

The blogging community used to be very interactive, with long, wonderful, witty conversations taking place in the comment section. It's hard to get that sort of interaction going these days because there are so many online options for dialogue.

So I suppose these reaction buttons are Bloggers way of getting back in the game.

Anywho, I've activated the reactions feature, made up my own response options (which I admit are mostly useless because my blog posts typically don't stick to one topic) and am interested to see if anyone uses them. (They're anonymous; I have no way of knowing who checked which box.)

Carry on.

Happy Monday to you.

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