Monday, December 4, 2017

This n that

1. Drew and Dani bought a (town)home. We moved them in yesterday.
Their moving day was a rainy day.

The new home owners in the moving truck:

From the basement to the garage to the truck to the garage of their new home.

Within an hour, the garage was mostly empty:

Grabbing the last cheese biscuits. A double batch, still warm from the oven. Gone in 3 minutes.

Nico and The OBros

Home Sweet Home:

Taking a break, waiting for the carpets to dry.
Previous owner had carpets shampooed minutes before Drew and Dani took possession. They were SOAKING when we arrived.

Moving chaos:

Dani and her mom gettin the kitchen organized:


Had a good cry about a week ago.
I really, really wanted to buy a house with them.
And right up until their deal went through, I was still hoping, down deep in my heart, that by some miracle it would work out.

But when God says "no", He kinda means "no".

So I will trust He's got some sorta plan for me.

In the meantime, I'll make my way back down to the basement.

I've set up my desk, brought down my make up and toothbrush and made up the bed.

I have a bloggin corner again.

I had set up a small antique wiggly table next to a north-facing window (hello, Coquitlam) in my bedroom at the top of the house, but it wasn't ideal. I'll miss the window, but I love the space to put my elbows on the desk top.

Maybe I'll blog more from this place?

2. November was a record-breaking month.
Least amount of blog posts in a month since I started this in 2004.
Also weather-wise we broke a record: it rained 27/30 days.

Those two facts are probably related.

November is my hardest month.

3. I've worked at Focus for five years.
Got a service award at our Annual Christmas Banquet last week.
Wore high heels for the first time in a decade.

Those facts are also related.

Me, the President,The Bangs and my mom's sweater. My dress had rhinestones on the straps and shoulder cut-outs. She took her sweater off and told me to wear it. So here I am, all covered up:

4. Last weekend, Dani and her dad, "Woodever Crafts", set up a booth at Candytown, their first ever Christmas market. 

The night before, she was making her booth sign in the kitchen, while I made her a sandwich. 

Sob. Golly. I'm going to miss having them live here. 

5. The rains of November are going to ease up this week. Sunny skies are on the way.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Big beds, I will not miss that old, lumpy twin mattress.
2. A month with some fun evenings planned.
3. Longer day are just around the corner.

Tonight's sunset; a glimmer of hope:

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Tricia said...

A first house...very exciting. I'm sorry you're having to experience having an empty nest all over again.