Friday, December 8, 2017

De Semm Burrrh

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I can totally do winter if it doesn't rain. And it is not raining this week. #smiling

2. Inspiring friends who turn 70 and give you a glimpse into their rich, fulfilling lives.

3. Purdy's Chocolates' Christmas Countdown Calendars. I bought one for each of my kids this year because I love them SO hard. (My kids, Purdy's and this great item).

Instead of pressing/punching a cheap waxy chocolate out of cardboard packaging, like so:

I bought these:

I loved the design, the texture, the size, the colours... 

And the convenient little boxes that I could add some special surprises to:

Each 'calendar' came with a chocolate-a-day; obvs I bought extras, so there would be two-per-day.

And some days got tea samples, cash, lottery tickets, chapstick, PEZ candy ...

On December 25, they can bring them back to me and I'll save 'em and fill 'em up again next year. 

Thank you Purdy's. 


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