Monday, December 11, 2017

My Most Recent Trip

I was at Crescent Beach this afternoon, just walking around, minding my own business, when this incredible sunset just broke out:

It was so vast and vibrant.
Everyone on the beach just stopped and stared.

Quite incredible really.

I felt so lucky to be right under it. Like I was living in a pink and blue cotton candy world.

I walked towards the dock at the north end of the beach, taking pics as I went.

The ocean was pink in some spots. Magenta in others.

Felt like I was on another planet that had different colours for things; I mean, we're used to water being a dark blue 'round these parts. But this was a glowing rosy color.

And the birds?

They came in from everywhere to hang out with each other and talk about the soft pink water:

I saw this guy, a crane, standing very still. His reflection was perfect. But his head is lost in the shadow of the sand dune.

I thought I'd sneak up behind this photographer, who was no doubt getting a perfect shot, and get a pic of him from behind, taking a shot of the bird. It was going to be brilliant. My best pic ever. A National Geographic treasure.

Using my best stealth moves, and being quiet as a mouse, I made my way down to the beach. I was just coming 'round, getting myself into position when I lost balance, slipping on a patch of slippery seaweed.

I knew I was going down, but I fought it, by stumbling forward and forward and forward... I corrected myself a millisecond before landing on all fours which just made me lose balance again, so I took a few more giant out-of-control steps sideways because of momentum before landing on my hands and knees in a soggy pile of ocean muck. I sacrificed my knees and my dignity in order to keep my camera safe.

I'm sorry to those of you on the beach, trying to watch the sunset. Sometimes those are Holy moments, yes? I ruined it with my floppin and flaggin around, making a huge spectacle of myself. "Look at me! Over here! I can't walk in a straight line! I'm going to stumble! Oh nope. I'm not. Haha. Just kidding, Yes I am! Here I go. Down. And down."

The guy on the beach? With the camera? "Hey? You OK?"

"Absolutely fine, thanks. I'm good. Camera's OK. Seaweed has not been harmed. All is well."

Nothing about this beach scene is Christmassy and yet.

...  let heaven and nature sing...

Joy to the earth, the savior reigns,
let men, their songs, employ
repeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joy,
repeat the sounding joy.

Today's sunset?
Was repeating the sounding joy.
And I felt honored to be standing in the middle of that colourful joyous silent chorus.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Winter walks
2. December sunsets
3. Christmas carols


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Tricia said...

Simply stunning. The photos, not you falling. Hope you aren't to beat up.