Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Longest January EVER

No, really, I do.

Haha. I have runners. And boots. And those ridiculous heels I bought knowing I'd only wear them once.

I'm open to suggestions re: winter footwear.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The gym is mostly empty at 9 pm. Perfect for introverts.

2. Fresh air. (It stopped raining for about ten minutes this evening. So I used those minutes to empty all the crap from the back of my truck. I saw the moon. The stars. And the air was Just So Fresh.)

3. The internet. It really is wonderful. Tonight I watched my grandfurbaby snuggle with Dani. I chatted with friends in 4 different cities (this works best if everyone has nimble fingers and can express themselves well via written words. But even if they don't, it's better than nothing...) I listened to music. And I shared photos.

Erhm. This of course means, I am totally lost when the connection cuts out. FOR 24 hours. As per last weekend at the lake. Oy.

Hoping all is well in your world,


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