Thursday, August 16, 2018

Road Trip

On Thursday afternoon I checked to see if I had enough Air Miles for a night in Whistler. Turns out I could stay at the Hilton. So on Friday after work, I packed up, then drove the Sea to Sky Highway with my thoughts keeping me company.

It really is a lovely drive.

After I'd booked in, I changed then went for a walk through the Village. I was the oldest person out and about at 11 pm. The square was filled with young men in groups, talking, and young girls in groups, trying to get their attention. So. Many. Hormones.

After an amazing 10 hour sleep, I did my hair. Like, I really made an effort. All by myself. I haven't had it cut/styled/coloured in months. So I'm really out of my depth.

How about a nice fake smile to show you my fake teeth?

(This took 150 takes. Ugh. I don't even look like this.)

I had to check out at 11; the hotel was sold out and Saturday was going to be mega busy. So I left my overnight bag with the bag boy and went for a walk.

It rained.

It has been sunny for 46 days straight. And on this day, at this time, it started raining. I did not have an umbrella. WHAT A WASTED MORNING, curling my hair. It lasted 6 minutes. Both my curls and the rain shower.

The village tho? Is so lovely:

Know what? There are A MILLION Pokestops in Whistler. AND SO MANY BENCHES to sit on whilst you catch 'em. It was Pokemon heaven. For real.

The village was crazy colourful.

And then I realized why there were SO many young men in town:

So I walked towards the noise...

I watched them race to the bottom and do flips n tricks for half an hour so very thankful that someone I love wasn't on a bike at that moment.

There are times when I'm glad my kids are gamers.

At 1, I retrieved my overnight suitcase and drove 30 minutes up the road, past Pemberton to the North Arm Farm where Terry's boy was marrying his girl.



I took 894 photos.
I couldn't help myself.

(If you're my Facebook friend, you skip this part. I've already posted these pics there.)

While all this dancing was taking place?
And there was thunder.

A wildly romantic background score.

But I had a three hour drive home, so once the real party started to happen,

I schlepped through the muddy field to my truck and started my drive home. With a truck that suddenly had a burnt our headlight on the driver side. On roads that had been recently paved, BUT HAD NO LINES.

Torrential rain.
Limited visibility.
No street lights.
Mountain highway that went up and down and round and round.

I white knuckled it the whole way home.

A completely different drive than the one just 24 hours previous.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. People still fall in love.
2. People still get married. And commit to being faithful.
3. Old rock n roll songs. The 70's were a good decade.

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