Monday, August 27, 2018

Godpseed, Aunt Agatha

The display indicated it was Val calling.
"Hi," I answered quietly, getting up from my desk to close my office door.
"My mom just died," she sobbed into the phone.
"Oh Val..."
"It was peaceful and gentle ..."
"... I love you."
"I love you too."

We hung up and I cried at my desk for abit.

Agatha Wiebe Kuebler
Feb 28, 1930 - Aug 21, 2018

She was my granny's little sister (making her my great-aunt) and she was my Auntie Gatha.

She introduced me to the wondrous delicacy of macaroni noodles and butter. And McCain Deep and Delicious Chocolate Cakes.

She let Val and I eat the chocolate icing off the cakes.

Some childhood memories just never fade.
(Nor should they.)

She was a loving mom, a proud grandma and a prayerful great grandma. She was also a bit of a party animal. She was a people person and loved being in the midst of any gathering where the folks she loved (and she loved a whole lot of peeps) were hanging out. Her circle of family and friends was vast but intimate. She loved with her whole heart.

She was a rock of faith for me during the years my dad needed care. Her and Uncle Johnny visited regularly and she always let me know she was praying.

I'm going to miss her.

When her kids were going through her things, they found sheets of paper with their names on them. And a list of scriptures she had been praying over them.
(Gloria post this pic on Instagram.)

What an incredible legacy to leave behind.

Rest in Peace, Auntie Gatha.
I love thinking about you singing with your sisters, praising Jesus.

Say hi to my dad.


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