Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Theme Weekend

I spent the weekend at the lake.
Preparing for book club by reading a book about 83 year olds in a Dutch care facility.

A bit of a waste of a stunningly beautiful (Clear skies. Warm temps. Fall colours) 48 hours. From the funeral on Friday to the book about an assortment of delightful characters in the end stage of life, I was immersed in thoughts about death while I coughed my lungs out.

On Sunday night Sandra and I went to a Martin Smith (of Delirious fame) event. From a main stage concert at Creationfest to a Sunday evening singalong at a White Rock church, is quite a change in venue/audience size. We may be at the tail end of the Christian music industry as we knew it for a couple decades.

Still. A wonderful evening.

On Monday morning, I skipped out of work for a few hours to attend Susan Hiebert's funeral.
What a joyous, hopefilled, energetic service. What a woman of prayer. So inspiring. She left behind an amazing legacy.

Funerals are pause buttons, aren't they?
They force you to evaluate your own life.
And think about the legacy you are leaving.

Monday evening was book club, where we talked about the book. And our parents. And our experiences with care facilities. And funerals. And life in general.

And it wasn't as awful as I'm making it sound.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The most beautiful Autumn ever.
2. End-of-life celebrations that are full of hope and love.
3. Book club evenings.


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