Monday, October 8, 2018

Master List of Things I'm Thankful For:

  1. Colours
  2. Especially blue
  3. And green. 
  4. But maybe not Raw Sienna. 
  5. Internet sites that list all the Crayloa Crayon colours.
  6. Beautiful places to walk.
  7. Beautiful places to walk that have Pokestops.
  8. Pokemon Go app, so that I have more to do on a walk besides talk, listen, take photos and people watch.
  9. Friends who also play Pokemon Go.
  10. Logitech keyboards
  11. Cordless mouses
  12. Huge monitors with crystal clear screens
  13. Old songs like The Lion Sleeps Tonight 
  14. The most comfortable bed in the world.
  15. In the coldest bedroom in the house. 
  16. In the quietest room in North America
  17. Pulp-free orange juice
  18. Stories about shooting stars
  19. Pot-luck Thanksgiving lunches at work
  20. People who make an effort and bring delicious home-cooked side-dishes to the potluck
  21. My job. Especially the part where the Web Guy and the Designer Guy are choosing images for a landing page and they want something ‘not too lovey dovey, not too happy, just engaged in a conversation, maybe holding hands …”
  22. Early dismissal on long weekends
  23. Steak at midnight
  24. Cooked by one of my very capable sons
  25. Sons who unload dishwashers without being asked
  26. Sons who load dishwashers without being asked
  27. Lightbulbs that cast a warm glow
  28. Ice cubes
  29. Halloween treats
  30. The sound of laughter
  31. Tanned skin
  32. The feeling of floating in a pool
  33. Foot massages
  34. Painted toenails
  35. A daughter-in-law who can beat the Obros at Mario video games
  36. Sunny days. regardless of the season
  37. The Vedder Rotary Trail
  38. Walks n talks with anyone,
  39. But especially with my daughter-in-law
  40. Avocadoes
  41. Grey kittens named Toto
  42. Hugs
  43. Autobiographies
  44. Cheetos Cheezies
  45. Bubble baths
  46. Feather pillows
  47. Northview's sermons
  48. God's love
  49. Answered prayers
  50. Unanswered prayers
  51. The sound of a kitten pouncing 
  52. Starry nights
  53. Full moons
  54. Writers
  55. Of books
  56. And screenplays

I got this far on my Master List when the battery on my laptop died. AND I FORGOT TO PACK THE POWER CABLE. So I watched 6 hours of The Night Manager with Olivia Colman) who is my new favorite actress. (So excited to find out she's the NEW QUEEN ELIZABETH in The Crown. I loved the first two seasons, now I can barely wait til Season 3. And Tobias Menzies as Prince Phillip? Gonna be so good.)

Then  I watched 8 hours of John Krasinski as Jack Ryan.

I'm home now (midnight on Thanksgiving Monday), plugged in and ready to finish this list.

57. Greeting cards
58. They're like little works of art
59. I giving cards
60. And I really love receiving them.
61. Book Stores
62. New or Used. both are great places to hang out
63. Magic bags (those things you heat up in the microwave)
65. They too, are little works of art
66. Recliners in movie theatres
67. The smell of popcorn in theatres
68. Pre-selected seating in theatres. So civilized.
69. Actors
70. Directors
71. Producers
72. Cameramen
73. Set designers
74. Sound engineers
75. Costume and Make up people
76. The smell of soup, made from leftovers, simmering on the stove
77. Turkey, rice and gravy
78. Pastors who preach their guts out
79. Palm Trees
80. Weeping Willow Trees
81. Campfires
82. The sound of rain
83. Weather forecasts that indicate 7 days of no rain
84. Facebook messages from people you love
85. Brightly coloured umbrellas
86. Soft white sand
87. Saturday nights
88. Where I get to play a couple games of Scrabble
89. With Drew's girl
90. Sons who load up my truck with All the Crap that I needed to bring back to Surrey
91. Inspiring Instagram accounts
92. Twitter friendships
93. The opportunity and privilege to pray
94. My mom's generosity
95. Memories
96. Kind people
97. Smart people
98. Insulin
99. The Bible
100. Bible studies
101. Kindles
102. Reading glasses
103. Hair stylists
104. House builders
105. Concrete Pipe Manufacturers
106. Cousins
107. Being forgiven
108. Second chances
109. Third chances
110. Infinity chances
111. Dentists
112. Doctors
113. Bath Sheet sized towels
114. Wedding anniversaries
115. People who share
116. Sundecks
117. Poolside patios
118. Meals eaten outdoors
119. Musicians
120. Lyrics that bring hope
121. Lyrics that inspire joy
122. Autumn leaves
123. Season
124. All of them, even tho summer is the best
125. Online family chats
126. Aha moments
127. Dancing moments
128. People who say 'sorry'
129. Conversations about Things That Matter
130. Excited pregnancy announcements
131. Engagements
132. Young love
133. Soft pajamas
134. Tweezers
135. People with patience
136. Mammograms
137. Hugs from my kids
138. Hand lotion with a soft scent
139. Peaches
140. Both canned and fresh
141. Both the scent and the flavor
142. Dreams
143. Shrimp sandwiches on toasted sourdough with a Spot salad
144. Moms and dads that stay married til death does them part
145. Tums
146. Sewage systems
147. Connections
148. Brown eyes
149. Purpose
150. Plans
152. Lists
153. Oceans
154. Heaven
155. Sunsets
156. Blue eyes
157. Eye crinkles
158. Relaxed smiles
159. Opportunities to use my brain
160. Evidence that my brain still works
161. Wingback chairs
162. Papasan chairs
163. Cheap flights
164. Advil
165. Friends who remind you of the things that bring you joy when you've forgotten
166. Kids who say thank you
167. Curling irons
168. Really sharp scissors
169. A God who knows my heart
170. And still loves me, even tho.
171. Friends who listen to me go on and on
172. A God who's on it, even before I get around to praying about it
173. A God who loves them even more than I do
174. A God who never stops calling His lost ones home
175. Honey Crisp apples
176. Window screens
177. Running shoes
178. Turquoise
179. Tulips
180. Flower gardens
181. Flower festivals
182. Wedding photos
183. Tears
184. Traditions
185. New experiences
186. Baby hands. Especially when they grip your finger
187. Baby heads.
188. British accents
189. Picket fences
190. City sidewalks
191. Seawalls
192. Old neighbourhoods
193. Old trees in old neighbourhoods
194. Coffee shops
195. Long drives through pretty places
196. My siblings
197. And their kids.
198. Grandparents who risked everything to get to Canada
199. A God who led them to the Westcoast
200. Thanksgiving weekends

Hoping your weekend was rich and full and wonderful,


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