Saturday, July 27, 2019

Family. Part One.

Saturday July 27

Today was the day. Anyone who loved Rose/loves Sonja (and was free/able to help) showed up to give Sonja a hand cleaning out her mom's place. There was a garage sale, a family BBQ, a lot of laughter. A few tears. Memories shared. Memories made.

Oh. And a bit of dancing...

Sonja, thank you for inviting us in and letting us share your joy and sorrow.

Sister selfies:

Rose (and her sister-in-law/friends) made the most beautiful greeting cards. And all her supplies were available for sale. I was SOOOOOO tempted to buy it all, (for my grand-daughter someday...) but then I remembered I'm downsizing/clearing out things. I'm not in accumulation mode. Those years are done. But stillllll .... so many beautiful stamps. And accessories.

And then? There was this:

A huge, heavy bag of belts.

Like, maybe a hundred of them?
Or 70? Or 200? I don't know. I didn't count them. BUT OH SO MANY.

I took them.

Yup. I am the proud-ish owner of a million black studded belts.
And the next time The Dots do a birthday cruise, we'll all wearing them. Oh yes we are.

Fun? No?


Things sold. Family helped. The sun shone. And talk of hot flashes and night sweats came up. WHEN DID WE GET OLD?

Everyone helped themselves to a belt from the Bag o' Belts...

... and then I took a group shot of everyone in their studded accessory:

And then we loaded up our trucks to take everything that was left over to the Thrift Store ...

... or the clothing bin just next door. :)

Remembering Rose.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Family. Like this ^ one. These are my mom's cousins/2nd cousins. They weren't a regular part of my life ...(Other than Val.) But they're family, you know? There's just that bond...

2. Summer Saturdays. The Best.

3. My few mementos from Rose's things. (In addition to the 76 pound bag of belts... )
The bowl reminds me of my granny. And the stamps? Will always remind me of Rose and her amazing cards.


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