Saturday, July 27, 2019

Family. Part Two.

Saturday July 27.

After I left Rose's Do, in Richmond, I drove out to the lake.
(What? Doesn't everyone put on 200 miles a day?)

I stopped in to see Don and Wendy, at their end of Cultus on my way.

It was their 468th Annual Campbell Classic. And Cory's birthday.
So I thought I'd take some pics for them. I was obvs shutter-happy today.

Uncle Don (my mom's older bro) and Auntie Wendy:

They have this knack of making me feel welcome and loved. Even when I drop in the midst of one of their parties.

And this is my attempt at getting a pic of Don, Wendy and my cousins, Mike and Cory.

Uh, Mike? Your head is in the sun.

Yeah, no. It's still in the sun.

Oh. except. You're not looking at me. And everyone's a bit out of focus...

Arrrgh. My bad.
Everyone's looking at me.
Everyone has a relaxed smile.
The flowers are in perfect focus.

One more time:

Well. You get the idea.
These are beautiful people.

Mike and Renee':

Wendy and her sisters:

Cory and Sherry (Sheri? Sherrie? Shari?) COUSINS:

And a few candid, not-posed pics:

Thanks, Campbells/Neumanns, for letting me crash your gathering.
The corn and lasagna were amazing.
And y'all are beautiful.


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