Friday, August 9, 2019

Day 4

I love waking up in this room.
It's filled with light.

I feel like I'm in a fancy treehouse. Nothing but leaves outside my window. Windows. Four of them.
A bedroom with 4 windows is a lovely thing.

The other thing I love about this morning?
My people, all 4 of them, are in this house too.
I can hear them moving around and it's the best sound ever.

Is it true for moms everywhere? That we all feel most content when all our chicks are all at home in the nest?

I can smell bacon frying, and I know this is Dani's gift to me.
I am loved.

(Yes, Max is here too. He and my camera were never in the same spot at the same time...)

Grateful for this day. And these people. I'm glad they have each other.
Grateful for this weekend of Just Being.
Grateful for this place. And what it means to us.
Grateful for this summer season. The long days, the warm air, the colours. The joy.

Today was Sunday of the long weekend and it was a perfect day.
Hours in the sunshine (for Dani and I. The boys were watching the Olympics of Gaming or something. Their loss.)

Our supper:
Clint looked after the chicken.
I did the veggies.
Dani set the table. Max and Drew cleaned up.
It's so lovely having adult children.
We do some things very well together. I love the rhythm of our meal prep and evenings.

Dear God.

Thank you for this day.
Please. Could the cancer not have spread?

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