Tuesday, November 26, 2019

French Things

These are my French girls. They came over tonight to make traditional French Christmas treats. We'll be sharing them with the rest of the office on Wednesday when we (the Creatives and the French teams) host a Christmas Coffee Break.

These are called fruits déguisés (literally dressed up fruits) which are dried fruits, typically dates, apricots, figs and walnuts, stuffed with marzipan. 

And these mini chocolate pizzas are called mendiants: little chocolate palets with dried fruits and nuts on top

You wish you worked in my Creative Dept, don't you?

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Women's friendships. It really is a beautiful thing to see women 'be there' for each other.
2. Babies! My 'first' French girl moved back to France with her hubby and had a lil girl last week:

3. This version of Lil Drummer Boy

4. Words

Make art.
Make time to listen.
Make yourself laugh.
Make peace.
Make a playlist of all the good old school songs.
Make room in your schedule just to try something new.
Make room on your desk for your favorite book.
Make noise about what is lovely and true.
Make a memory.
Make the most of everyday, no matter what comes your way.

5. And more words...

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