Monday, December 2, 2019

Goodbye, November

It's that time again.
Transfer my 30 year old tree collection from the closet under the stairs to the file cabinet at work.

And this year, the creative and french teams did something a little different...
We invited everyone in the building to celebrate the launch of the Winter Focus Famille magazine and enjoy those french treats that Elisabeth and Anne made earlier in the week.

And while they were in our space, we encouraged everyone to grab some chalk and do a Christmas doodle on our blackboard. My team started it off:

And then they came:

Twas a fun "Creative Christmas Coffee Break". Our department of introverts did well.
I am so, so proud of the people I work with. So much talent. Integrity. Creativity. Depth.

Evenings have been fun:

(I loved it.
And the friends I saw it with.)

(By the way, there's a documentary on Netflix about Carroll Shelby that's a good follow-up to this film.)

I had a few dinners out; with Patricia and Marg on Tuesday, with Ter on Wednesday, with my mom on Thursday and with Sue and Laurel on Friday. And on Sunday, I was invited to celebrate the American Thanksgiving with Maxine's gang:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who like to eat. Haha. Oh my goodness. SO much good food this week.

2. November is over.

3. Heated seats in my truck.

4. This:

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