Saturday, April 25, 2020

Fourth Sat.

Feels like it was just a few days ago that I was driving around, picking up cookies from generous friends - but nope. It was a month ago. Time is flying. Despite the fact that feels like it's not.

So here we are, my newly declared Favorite Weekend of the Month. And just like last month, I am having the best day ever.

After work, on Friday, I stopped in to get cookies at Rudy and Marg's:

I felt SO loved.
This was not supposed to be out ME. But I left there feeling spoiled.

They made cookies for the homeless, but gave me a goodie bag too:

Totally unexpected, but so, so lovely.

From there, over to Anne's:

She made the cookies this afternoon, while dancing in her kitchen.
Her joy is a secret ingredient.
Those folks are gonna be blessed with every bite.

Next stop, for more smiles and conversation: Gord and Julie's ...

... my new-to-farming friends who've offered to bake something more "Mennonite" next time :)

She's from England and is far more Menno than I am.

From there, over to Andrea's. She left out a bag of masks and filters for the guys (Jesse and Ward) who'll be doing the actual serving. (And some supplies for me, since I'm out and about so much...)

Thank you, Andrea, for being so practical and wise.

Then over to Wendy's.
When she heard we were making chili, she offered to make corn meal muffins, because apparently they go together like salt and pepper. Like Sonny and Cher (before they broke up). Like the moon and stars. Like bacon and eggs. Like books and beer. Hahaha. I mean books and tea.

She made a few extra, for me. And suggested I warm them up, add some butter and honey and eat them warm.
Which I just did. And she was right. They are divine. My new favorite night-time snack.

Last stop was to pick up bottled water. Joyce sent me money for 'water or whatever'...
thankyouthankyouthankyou. We used to money to buy water and beans. :)

When I got home, I prepared 60 bags: each one will contain a water bottle, a muffin, two cookies, a small chocolate egg and a spoon. (I have a few more muffins and cookies to pick up on Saturday).

And the final bit will be a container with two scoops of Maxine's chili. Still warm from her stove.

Hopefully they'll like it.

It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, so the hot meal should warm their bones.


My mom noted how boring those brown paper bags are. "You should decorate them. Draw on them, add stickers or something..." she suggested.

What a great idea!
An art project for the learn-from-home Covid kids crowd!

Are any of you a young mom with elementary-aged kids, (or a grandma who babysits), who'd like to pretty-ize some plain brown bags? Decorate with stickers? Draw flowers? Hearts? Stars? Add spots of glitter paint?

Let me know if you and your kids would like to surprise a homeless person with an original piece of art on their supper bag...


A few more stops today; Sandra made a few dozen corn-bread muffins and left them out for me ... under that blanket.

And Greta had a few dozen chocolate chip cookies ready for me ...

Do you know how awesome it is to be greeted with huge smiles and packages of food? So much joy in their faces. It really is the best thing to experience.

It is such a privilege to be able to share my friends' delicious baking and cooking with some hungry folks who're struggling with some difficult circumstances.

I met Maxine in Abby; she'd brought a million gallons of chili.

I just have the very best people in my life.
Thank you friends.
Love you,

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