Wednesday, April 22, 2020

They do.

Just so we're all real clear; I am NOT a wedding photographer.
I'm just a girl with a camera.
(Hahaha. "Girl". Who am I kidding? I am an old broad who takes a whole lotta pics.)

Last weekend, my former boss, Derek got married to Malinda.
It was a Pandemic Wedding in every sense.

I was there, taking pics, with my zoom lens, standing at least 6 feet away, (usually more) because the official photographer was unavailable.

This is what a Wedding in the Time of Covid looks like:

The wedding took place in their friend's backyard.

Bride and groom, before getting changed into their fancy clothes:

While we waited for all their kids to arrive, we wandered around the property and took pics:

And then the kids showed up ...

Let's get this show on the road!

(Social distancing makes for a very spread out wedding party:)

Her son was there too.

He was included in all family photos:

And then we were done.
Just as I was leaving the driveway, a parade of honking cars drove by:

... and I started to cry, unexpectedly.

There was so much joy and love contained in those cars on 24th Ave. These were Derek and Malinda's people. Friends who'd shared their journey and were excited about today's activities. Friends, who, in normal times, would've been celebrating and hugging and high-fiving  and cheering IN PERSON, up close, at the wedding.

Instead, they were doing it from their cars, as they drove by. And it was beautiful.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. People who are brave enough to love again.
2. The rain stopped just as the ceremony began.
3. Opportunities to photograph happy people.


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