Sunday, January 24, 2021

So Worth It

I was at the lake, just sitting down to eat my late dinner of bacon and eggs when my phone dinged. 

It was Clint and he was wondering:

I let my breakfast-supper go cold as I pulled out a few photo albums to see what I could find. (I'd moved 34 photo albums from storage to the lake house a few weeks ago. I still have more to move but they're heavy, boxed up and I am lazy.)

Probably goes without saying that my heart was singing by this point. I threw out the congealing eggs, nibbled on a piece of cold bacon and started taking pics with my phone of old photographs.


That'd be cozy, Mark and my mom, cuddled on a flowered couch, crocheting together. :) 

I think every family should have a historian/photographer. Someone/anyone who sees the value in recording The Everyday. (And then saving those photos somewhere other than Facebook.)


I do! I kept every negative. In a Negative File book. It's buried somewhere amongst my boxes, BUT I HAVE THEM. It's the little things that make one feel proud ...

And this:

I DO! I have more pics of EVERYTHING. And they're in albums, all chronologically created. I just have to get them out of storage. 

And even though I couldn't spend the evening with my kids on Friday night as I'd hoped/planned... THIS was the next best thing:

I posted links in our chat of specific blog posts that had pics of my dad and mom's farm house. Then I got lost in the years 2007 - 2011 as I read words I written and photos I'd taken of our ordinary days.

I went to bed (7 hours later. I REALLY need to get a normal sleep cycle going again) CONVICTED that I need to keep chronicling my days by blogging more regularly. (Because, just maybe someone, in 2032 will ask about Christmas in the Year of Covid, or something... And I will have evidence and content regarding that time.)

And sigh, yes, Drew is right. There's something about having photo albums that feels right. So. Maybe my big project this year is to start making albums again? 

Current album situation, in need of a better location. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My tongue. (I just can't stop thinking about Wyanne's cancer surgery.) Thank you God for my tongue. 

2. My camera. 

3. Family chats.

4. Surprise gifts, like this, waiting for me at the lake:

Take care, stay safe, much love,


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