Monday, January 25, 2021

Standard (Covid) Saturday

 There was nothing special about THIS Saturday in particular. It was exactly like a lot of them this past year. But, just in case one of my great grandchildren, in 2075, wonders what their great-granny was doing with herself during the Great Pandemic of the early 20's - this will answer their questions and they'll get an "A" on their History report. 

1. Great granny slept til noon. She is unique in this; the average person does not ignore weekend mornings. But being more of a sunset than a sunrise person, she looks forward to Saturdays in her new-ish, wildly comfortable King size bed, in a bedroom with 4 windows - all open, regardless of the outside temperature. 

2. Went for a walk along the Vedder River. As did thousands of others in need of fresh air and a change of scenery beyond their home's four walls. 

The Vedder Rotary Loop Trail is 22 km's long, so she's doing it in sections. Saturday, January 16th's section started at the 5K marker, and meanders under this railway bridge. In an effort to continually challenge herself, (both physically and mentally) she tried walking across the bridge.

But failed miserably when 1/3 of the way across she got dizzy and overwhelmed with the realization that the wire fence would not, in fact, save her from falling into the river should she trip or lean on it. So, with great sadness, she fell to her stomach and crawled back to shore. NO SHE DIDN'T. She kept her dignity, while walking very slowly, taking lots of photos, as if she were on a photo shoot and had never intended on crossing all the way over in the first place. 

3. Left a few rocks along the trail. It was her way of spreading sunshine and lollipops. 

4. She picked up a couple dozen smooth rocks and took them to the lake house where she washed them. 

5. And then she settled in to spend the evening alone (not because she's a loser but because in January 2021 everyone (residents of BC) are in lockdown. Zero visitors to each other's homes. Zero travel. Zero socializing. It's a quiet life, for sure). 

She 'did' church, by listening to the online service on her phone (churches are closed right now), visited with her kids and friends (by using a social media platform's messengering option on her laptop, painted some rocks (because rocks are free. Canvases are not) and watched Netflix  (a streaming service that is keeping everyone entertained this year) on a 65 inch flatscreen attached to the wall. 

Meanwhile, her sister was in Abbotsford, serving the meal she, Daryl and their friends had prepared for the homeless and hungry.


(Thanks for Mike and Arden for helping prepare Shepherd's Pie, bake brownies and assemble take-away bags. Thanks, Marlene for baking 120 kaiser buns. Thanks, Heather, for the water bottles. Thanks, mom, for buying the meat.)

(Apparently, in the Spring, there will be a reduction? elimation? of $300 disability cheques? So we've been told to get ready for an increase in numbers. We may go from 60 to 80 or 90 people dropping by Our Table On the Corner for a hot meal ...)

So with that in mind, great granny Jane started painting rocks for Valentine's Day. Maybe she could sell a few? And use the funds to buy ingredients for next month's meal...

6. And at 3 am, she went to bed. Her eyes were seeing double and besides, her show was over. 

Three things she's thankful for:

1. Sunny Saturdays.

2. Safe places to stroll.

3. Stunning sunsets.

Stay safe, take care, 

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