Tuesday, June 1, 2021

60 Truths and Bits o' Advice


Closets should have lights in them. ❤ You can never have too many nail clippers, pens, or tweezers on hand. ❤ Being thankful is better for you health than being resentful. ❤  Handwritten notes carry emotion more effectively. ❤ There is more good than evil in this world. ❤ Eyebrows are important but not THAT important. ❤ You were created; by The Creator (who is very pleased with what He made); just accept it. ❤ Celebrate as many things as possible. ❤ Use moisturizer. ❤ Learn how to swim. 

You will never regret patio lanterns. ❤ Decision making is exhausting; take naps as needed. ❤ Go to church; take your kids. ❤ Brush and floss daily. (Teeth have a life expectancy of about 80 years. Keep that in mind as you age.) ❤ There IS a God; He adores you and He loves hearing from you - so talk to Him. ❤ Don't beat yourself up if you can't keep houseplants alive. ❤ Acne scars last forever; so do smiles lines and eye crinkles. ❤ Use a calendar; I really can't emphasize this enough. ❤ If your son makes you a meal with black powder on the steak and a million garlic cloves on the pasta, eat it. 

Keep the sabbath. (This means, TAKE A DAY OFF once a week, and say thanks.) ❤ Try not to like sugar. ❤ Some dishes, do, in fact, need to soak for a few days. ❤ Listen to music; be respectful of it's power. ❤ Only buy toilet paper on sale. ❤ Watching TV every evening will give you a fat ass and weak legs. ❤ Say, 'help' as often as needed. There will always be someone willing to lend you a hand or advice. ❤ Find a physical activity that you love doing and do it every day for the rest of your life. ❤Keep making friends. ❤ Feed hungry people. 

Read the Bible (find a translation that's easy for you to read); it's a good book, full of truths. ❤ Be generous with your love; show them you care. ❤ If you're on the fence about having kids - HAVE THEM. It will be the grandest adventure of your life. ❤ Own it; say sorry when you screw up. ❤ Dance. It will make your soul happy. ❤ Keep your eyes open for opportunities to listen. To share. To help. ❤ Don't be afraid. ❤

Marry someone who loves Jesus. ❤ Drink water. Lots of it. ❤ Don't smoke. It's a hard habit to break. ❤ Tablecloths are not just for boomers. ❤ Plant a tree, or three. Watch the new homeowner chop them down. ❤ Garbage in; garbage out. Fill your mind with positive words. ❤ Forgive often and always. ❤
Send thank you notes to authors who write good books, producers who finance beautiful movies, musicians who create memorable music, politicians who make wise decisions. ❤ Find a hair stylist you trust, tip her well. ❤ Buy lemonade from the stand on the corner. ❤ Go to bed early. Or late. It's your choice. ❤ Have a gratitude journal; write in it every night before you go to sleep. There's ALWAYS something to be thankful for. 

Do scary things. ❤ Stretch. ❤ Ask questions. ❤ Know that your kids will not want 95% of your stuff. ❤ Be creative. ❤ Finish what you start. ❤ Don't say "Just kidding." ❤ Slippers are under-rated. ❤ There is life after death; be prepared. ❤ Sometimes (most times) "good enough" is a standard to reach for. ❤ Don't underestimate the healing powers of a good bubble bath. ❤ A useful skill to master is The Art of Pulling Out Splinters ❤ Keep in touch with your cousins. 

Print your favorite photos. Keep love letters. Save journals. Someday your great granddaughter may want to see it all. ❤ Do random acts of kindness; the ripple effect will be endless. ❤ Know that God is calling you to have a relationship with him. Respond before you die. ❤ Say yes to new (legal) experiences. ❤ Keep your brain active; learn hard things. ❤ Become friends with people who are different than you. ❤ Your mom loves you, call her once in awhile. ❤ Don't judge people who think differently than you about vaccines, cats, cilantro or American politics. ❤ Only watch/read the news once a day at the most. ❤ Be an agent of peace. ❤ Fill up the night before; getting gas 'on the way' will be an inconvenience. ❤ Sing in your car. ❤ Look for work where you respect your supervisor, enjoy your co-workers and can use your gifts and talents. ❤ Support your local church. ❤ Give generously to charitable organizations that do work you believe in. ❤ Be kind to your siblings. They have photos and memories that'll show up on your 60th birthday.

Dear God,

Thank you for this life. This big, crazy, unexpected, not-boring life. 

Thank you for choosing me to be Clint, Max and Drew's mom; thank you for bringing Danica into my family. I am often confused as to why you picked me; I am ill-equipped and unworthy. 

Thank you for my parents who supported and encouraged and loved me and housed me for years and years and years. And for my bro and sis who share memories of plaid polyester outfits and crazy hair do's. 

Thank you, God, for loving me, holding me up, bringing good people into my life when other people were leaving it. Thank you for friends who've walked with me, camped with me, cried with me, prayed with me, fed me ... You have filled my life to overflowing. 

Thank you God for being my hope and my salvation during the first two trimesters of my life. On this, the eve of the beginning of my third trimester (assuming I live to 90), I pray for your protection against fear of the unknown, for peace about my finances, for joy as I move into a new place to live, for wisdom regarding all the stuff that comes with life on earth, for energy to work another 10 - 15 years, for health as I get older and more decrepit and for companions to share this journey with. I pray for my kids, their relationship with You and each other and I trust that You've got them in Your hands. 

And God? Last year, on this day, (the day before my birthday) the United States was on fire with demonstrations and looting and anger about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. My heart was so heavy for all the pain and injustice. And today? One year later? It's 215 children's unmarked graves at the Kamloops Residential School and Every Child Matters. Oy. We humans do terrible things. I pray for wisdom and healing and for Your will to be done. Help us to do better. Help us to heal the hurts. Help us to be kinder, wiser, and accountable. 


Last bathroom selfie of my '50's ...

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