Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Birthday Poem

A Rhyme About Time

And some pics through the ages

of my mop of blonde hair

(I know, it's not fair)

That I got so much

But that was God's touch

to the top of my head

So there. 

I did nothing

except have good genes

whatever that means. 

Happy birthday to me

I'm as old as can be.

Sitting near the Willow Tree,

Thinking about life.

It's been good

and mostly fine

(I don't want to whine)

so I won't. 

Looking back is always fun,

I don't remember 'one',

but 'two'... 

I did done chew

on green paper (lettuce) for the first time. 

Twas sublime.

And blink. I was six. 

I learned to READ!

Bobbsey Twins, and Nancy Drew ...

books became a need 

that grew and grew and grew.

Ugh, telling my story in rhyme 

is gonna take some time.

Why did I start this?

When I was twelve

we moved to the farm

in Surrey.

Where no one was in a hurry

and we had cars to bury

and chickens that were furry

and not a single worry

about the neighbour not named Murray.

I had a dirt bike,

a crush on Mike.

a go-cart.

and was smart. 

High school years were a blast

I was the nerd of the herd

(and that would last, from my past,

til today.)

I met a guy in Science, grade 9,

Who knew he'd be mine, 

til the end of time?

(or 1998, whichever came first).

Graduated with honors, then 

got a degree 

at BCIT.

Sold houses for awhile

(shudder), a realtor I am not.

Then in '83, with the guy I caught

we tied the knot

(quite loosely)

and had three boys

who made much noise

as they played with toys

and brought much joys

to their mom's heart.

In '98

that brown-eyed mate

waved goodbye.

So I had a goodcry.

He got a new wife

So I said, "oh, hi"

to a new life

filled laughs and tears

and friends and beers,

(Pfft. NOT beers. But good cheers...)

Those busy years

were rich, full and wild

Memories are good

with each separate child. 

And then they grew up

and left the nest

So I packed up too

and headed due west.

I landed in the basement

with my mom, near my dad

and stayed til he died.

Yes. That was sad. 

But that same year

because of love it grew,

my family added a member

when Dani married Drew.

It came to pass

That I am now old

Sixty is lame

If I may be so bold,

To say that aging is sucky

(With sore knees and so on),

but if you're lucky

and your minds not mucky

there's still time

for things that are new

to taste and to chew

to explore and to try

to sample and buy

to touch and to feel

all the things that are real.

So much more

life to be lived

and people to meet

Thank you God

for my legs and my feet

and the sun's heat

and the drum's beat

and fields of wheat

and whiskey neat

(Whatever. I saw that on a show.)

(Don't go. I'm still rhyming.)

and my dad, named Pete

and barbecued meat

that I love to eat

because I'm a carnivore.

Thank you God 

for making me

and my boys, three.

(With Dani it's four, 

and I'm hoping for more.)

Protect and keep us

and show us the way

to live in abundance

on this very day.

I'm tired of rhyming

so this is the end.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Four day work weeks through June, July and August

2. My family has all had their first Covid shots. 

3. Dinner with friends. And more dinners. And even more. I love June. 

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