Friday, June 25, 2021

Ofam in Tofino - Day One/Part One

We were going to go to Europe together last year. 

But. Covid. 

So we thought we'd go this year. 

But. Covid. 

Desperate for extended time with my family, I suggested a l o n g weekend in Tofino. And HALLELUJAH, they agreed. 

I reserved passage for two vehicles/five adults, leaving Horseshoe Bay at 8:25 am. Drew and Danica picked me up at 6:40 am. (I had slept a total of 2 hours; 3:30 - 5:30 am AS PER USUAL before I go anywhere.) 

We were sailing, as planned, on the crossing we had aimed for, while my other two sons were sitting in the line-up, missing the target by two cars. 

No worries. Tofino wasn't going anywhere. 

Jeep #1 (the one I was in) took it's sweet time going across the island, stopping in Parksville (to pick up a few groceries, buy some awful donuts, wander through a cute book store) and then spent an hour in the ultra adorable shopping/tourist area (Coombs) where it felt like Frontier Land in Disneyland, without the rides. The General Store is called Goats on a Roof, because it HAS goats on it's roof. REAL goats, grazing grass. It was delightful. 

Despite our mis-matched start to the day, Jeeps #1 and #2 both pulled into our home for the weekend at the same time. 

It's barn-like, which brought back beautiful memories of the times we actually DID live in a barn. 

I didn't take any interior pics because as soon as we dropped all our stuff inside, it didn't 'show' as well as it did without all our crap. But it's PERFECT. Comfortable, clean, decorated beautifully, it all feels brand new - like we're the first renters. Two rooms with King beds and a third room with two twins. I friggen love it here. 

Anticipating the awesomeness of a world-class beach view, we walked 3 minutes to Chesteron Beach and were overwhelmed with the vastness of nothing-whiteness. HAHAHA. Too funny. Reminded me of the time we drove to the Grand Canyon in the middle of a snow storm and ALSO saw a sea of white nothing. 

It felt like we were walking into the abyss during the end of times. My crew have very vivid imaginations, so the conversations was lively. They've also seen many apocalyptic movies from which to drawn on. 


I took the opportunity to drop a rock; the first on this vacation.

(When Drew and Dani picked me and all my crap up at the crack of dawn, Dani saw the little pile of painted pebbles I had packed. "This is the most "mom" thing I think you've done", she said with a smile. Drew started to ask if it was necessary, then stopped talking half-way through his sentence, answering himself. "Yeah, I guess it's important", and he found room in the jeep for them. )

We walked around in the cloud/fog/mist/white for a couple hours, getting completely lost. If the kids didn't have their phones with them, we would still be wondering, 'which way back to our beach'?

I took some pics and Dani took hundreds. She is an absolute pro at capturing moments. I can hand the baton of family photographer over to her with utter confidence that she'll get it all. Once again, I am so happy that she married in. 

(Yes, I am fighting to keep my eyes open. The lack of sleep is showing up on my face.)

And thus ends our first two hours in Tofino...

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