Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Ofam in Tofino - Day 2

Day two was yesterday, Friday, June 25.

It's all a blur and I can't remember any of it. 

(I am most definitely in vacation mode.)

Gimme a sec to go through my pics and Dani's Instagram - that should jog my memory. 







(Four days later)

Ahhhh, right. That day was AWESOME. 

I came downstairs at about 11:30 am. Clint had been up since 8, working. Dani was making a pot of coffee. I sat on the back deck, enjoying the view, (gorgeous flower garden) the quiet, (nothing but birdsong) the breeze (it's a very comfortable 24 degrees here) when all of a sudden I hear Drew. "Where's Max? Is he up yet?"

He peeked into the bedroom then pounced on his big brother. 

We decided our first order of business was to go into town to pick up a few things (toothbrushes for Max and me, firewood for our fires on the beach, and a beach chair for me because sitting on sand is no fun when you've lived 137 years.) 

Tofino is a cute little surfer town with many shops and art stores and restaurants and ice cream places and really it's just so adorable. So Danica, Drew and Max wandered around appreciating it all, while Clint and I went back to our rental where he worked and I went to the beach. 

I sat on my new, cheap, very uncomfortable, folding chair for about ten minutes, then went for a walk. I went from one end of the beach to the other right along the shoreline where the waves lapped at my bare feet. It was glorious. 

Glorious x one million. 

By the time I got back to our spot, the kids were back from the shops. 

I tell ya, this feels like Hawaii. 

We had dinner reservations at Wolf in the Fog (made 3 months ago by Dani) where we ordered and wolfed down 7 appy's, 11 drinks, 5 full meals and half a dozen jugs of ice water before waddling out with very satisfied tummies. 

(Well don't I just look like a dwarf...)

We changed into fire-on-the-beach clothes, grabbed our firewood, smore ingredients, folding chairs, cameras and phones and headed down to the beach just in time to see the colours of the sunset fade into night. 

Clint built a fire with NO blow torch or gasoline, on the beach, on the sand and it was just so very enchanting. 

And then? Over on the eastern horizon we watched the moon rise. 
It wasn't the SUPER MOON, but it was OUR MOON. And it took our breath away. It was, like, right there. SO close. So huge. And it was rising SO fast. One minute we just saw the tip of it rising above the trees and then a minute later, we saw 20% of it. Within 5 minutes (?), there is was. Completely above the tree line, and the man in the moon was smiling at us. 

We all sat and watched. 

We had a moment. 

I couldn't capture it with my camera, so I had to open the aperture of my heart and save the memory there, deep inside me.

As the fire dwindled and it got late (it's about midnight by now) we just leaned back and looked up, keeping an eye open for shooting starts and circling satellites. I loved doing this with them on the trampoline in the back yard at the lake when they were little. Some things just never change. Thank goodness. 

Makes my heart sing, imagining them lying on their backs, countin the stars with their kids, pointing out constellations and planets in the summer night sky, referring to the Night Sky app on their smart phones.  

The song God of Wonders came to mind and I hummed it super quietly because I can't carry a tune. (Also, I think maybe I would've been mocked. And who needs that kind of negativity?) 

(God of wonders beyond our galaxy
You are holy, holy
The universe declares Your majesty
You are holy, holy
Lord of heaven and earth
Lord of heaven and earth
So early in the morning
I will celebrate the light
As I stumble in the darkness
I will call your name by night)

As we put out the fire (with sand and water), we talked about how fortunate we felt to be able to SIT NEXT TO THE OCEAN, with it's roaring soundtrack of waves hitting the shore, ON SAND, AROUND A CAMPFIRE, and watch the sun set, the moon rise, and the stars start to sparkle. 
Thank you God, for your perfect timing. Thank you for the PERFECT weather, these amazing accommodations, the beach, the ocean, the sun, moon and stars, the gardens and flowers and our friendly hosts. Thank you for islands and ferries and sons and daughters. Thank you for my family.

As I got into bed, I was fully at peace, so very grateful for where I was, and who I was with. 


If you want to see a photo gallery of our AirBnB rental, click here. 

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