Friday, January 14, 2022

For Kate and Joey

Dear Kate and Joey (my much loved future great grandchildren),

I'll probably be in heaven by the time you're old enough to appreciate this story, so I'll jot it down here and hope it's still be around in 50 years. 

We were sitting at my table, my friend and I, and she'd just told me she doesn't like my twig table nor my metal side bar and I should get rid of them both. She also didn't care for my idea of having a 'curtain' made of beads on my sliding door. I did give her permission to be honest with me, so there's that. 

I was still processing whether or not I agreed with her assessment of my current possessions and decorating ideas when the subject changed. 

"Have I told you about that thing that happened at that Thrift Store on 56th?"

"I don't think so..."

"I was just driving up to the store when I saw a young woman, arms full of clothes, running down the street with the little old Thrift Store lady following behind. I followed the young woman and when I caught up with her I said, "You've taken things that don't belong to you. Let's do the right thing and go back to the store. These items should be paid for; I will buy them for you."


"It took a bit of convincing, but she eventually walked back to the store with me. It was closed, so I knocked on the door, and when it was opened a crack, I said, "These clothes were not paid for, and we want to do the right thing. Please ring them up and I'll pay for them."

"I am in awe. And so proud of you!"

"As the items were being wrung up, I noticed she'd grabbed a pair of jeans, Size 2. I said to her, "Are you getting clothes for yourself and someone else? I don't think these will fit you. How about if you go find another pair, maybe in your size?" She got furious, and yelled, I don't need any of this stuff, and stormed out the door. Only to come right back in one second later. She took off her back pack and through it on the floor. "Here. Take this too. It's all stolen as well." And then she ran away."

I was so proud of her for getting involved in a messy situation. 

"I decided to follow her again. I caught up with her and said, "you didn't have to do that. I want to help you." The girl wondered why I'd want to do that, 'no one loves me. Just leave me alone.' So I told her I'd like to get to know her, could I take her out for lunch?"

"You what? Lunch? I am in awe, utter awe."

"She replied, 'you don't want to get to know me. I'm a prostitute. And I can't have lunch with you; I can't be late for work." I replied, "I agree. You can't be late for work." (Thinking maybe she has a pimp who'd beat her up or something.) "But I'd still like to get to know you. I'll keep an eye open for you, maybe next time I can get you something to eat?" As she walked away, she said, "No you won't. I won't see you again. Why would you look for me?"

I had tears in my eyes when I got up to give my friend a hug. I am NOT a huggy person, but I just so overcome with her kindness. 

"I've been back in the area, a couple times over the past few weeks but I haven't seen her again. I hope she's OK."

Me, to myself, "Ima gonna pray for that girl. If she doesn't get to see Maxine again, I hope God is arranging for another specially equipped Agent of Kindness to have a divine encounter with her.


Kate? Joey? Two things: Someday YOU may be the one God taps on the shoulder and says, "Go say hi to THAT person..." If that happens, don't run away. Go for it. You will have The Very Best Adventures by being spontaneously, randomly, wildly kind. I will pray that you will always have enough money to be generous to someone in need. 

And secondly? Have friends who do beautiful things everyday. Support them. Encourage them. Pray into their stories. Choose your friends wisely. Ask God to fill your life with people who inspire the heck outa you. And tell you the truth about your beloved furniture pieces. 

I am looking forward to hearing ALL your stories, my precious great grands when we meet in heaven ... in the meantime, know that I have spent hours and hours during MY lifetime, praying for the experiences, friendships and families you'll have in YOUR lifetime. 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. THE RAIN STOPPED. Unexpectedly. And I sat on my deck to watch the sunset. Peace flooded my soul.

2. Child-size plain ice cream cones. From DQ. (Did you know that DQ's drive through window has lineups all evening, every evening, (even in the winter when temps are below freezing) right up til closing in both Langley locations. My research has revealed this is also true of the Sumas and Sardis locations as well.

3. I bought some new dotting tools off of Etsy last week; not realizing the seller lives in Burnaby. They arrived today and I can hardly wait to try them. Wandered around Michael's this evening and got a few new paints. And some papers. All on sale. I am so thankful for readily available supplies this year. 

Be kind, eat well, stay soft, 

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