Thursday, January 13, 2022

Mid Jan

My BIG PLASTIC WHITE CHRISTMAS TREE was loved then shoved back into it's original box and moved down to my storage locker. In it's place, I've set up a narrow (19" deep) desk area, using my mom's old sofa table. It'll do. I'm facing west as I work, so I'll never miss another winter sunset. And I get to watch the traffic on 200th. It's like a freeway out there. 

I think I need a lesson on blinds. I've had them up to the very tippy top of the window while the tree was set up. Yes. I wanted everyone to see it always. That little light o mine? I's gonna let it shine ...

But now that I am sitting in front of the window, I thought I'd lower the blinds. And erhhhm, I think I broke (?) them? If I try to raise them, they sag in the middle and only the outer edges go up. *Shrugs shoulders. I guess this is the first time I've had Large Window Blinds? From now on, everytime someone visits me, I'll start our visit with, "Hey, know anything about blinds?"


We're 12 days into January and the total number of hours I've spent outside, so far, is ZERO. My colouring charts remain very black and white. I'm OK with that. 


The number of books I've read is also ZERO. Although I have started Beauty Will Save the World by Brian Zahnd. I'm reading it on my Kindle and have highlighted something on every page. Probably. Maybe not. But alot of underlining. 

Some people pick A Word Of The Year. I never have. But this year, I think my word will be Beauty. I'm hearting it right now. If it wasn't midnight, I would let my fingers type words that aren't even formed in my brain yet and explore this right here right now. But. No. Maybe this weekend? Probably. 


Shows I've watched? School of Chocolate on Netflix. Some people are crazy talented, eh? At no time did I crave to eat any of the creations. But WOW, I'm in awe of people who know how to sculpt. And, at Max's urging, I watched Dopesick on Disney. Which broke my heart and made me angry. And I recommend it. 

I read Anxious People (a novel) this summer. Just discovered it as a mini-series on Netflix, so that'll be my next watch. 


Hmmmm, what else? 

I got The Shingles Shot (first of two) and it WIPED me out. In bed all of Saturday. The only thing I did on Sunday was drive my mom to the Keg in Abby to celebrate her birthday with Daryl and Jule. (Well, and eat then drive her home.) Too much food. Too much activity. Took a sick day on Monday and kept taking naps between burps and stomach pain. 

I'll need the second shot in a few months. Going to time it so I'm not napping on the days that my mom moves to The Wack. Probably. 


IN OTHER NEWS, under the category of "Do something new for the first time"; I attended (via Zoom) my first ever Strata meeting on Tuesday night. 

I am really hoping there will come a day when I say, with all honesty and true sincereness, that condo-living is Just The Very Best. Haha. But I will not be saying that after any Strata meetings I predict. 

I share "my" "house" with people who don't flatten their boxes. I share my house with people who are very very angry with people who don't flatten their boxes. I share my garage and green space with people who have dogs. Some of those people pick up their dog crap. Some of those people don't. And people are very very angry about the non-poop-picker-uppers. 

I share my hallways with people who are scared of Covid. Petrified. I share my hallways with people who are not so much scared. The fear-filled ones want to hire janitors to clean the elevators all day long, have sanitizer at every floor by every elevator with signs saying it's THE LAW TO BE MASKED IN ALL BUILDINGS, ALL THE TIME OR YOU WILL DIE OR MAYBE GO TO JAIL.  Masks in the garage. And outside on the property. 

There are people in my building who have security insecurities. They want ALL DOORS locked, always, despite the fact that the only access into the building is by FOB entry. They want motorists to wait until the gate closes behind them before moving to the next gated area. They want cameras installed everywhere, so we can see who is in the garage or the elevators or the stairwells. 

I DON'T EVEN LOCK MY UNIT DOOR AT NIGHT ...  I feel so very safe. Despite giving everyone on my floor a card and cookie at Christmas, I only heard back from 3 of them. And in the past 6 weeks have only seen the gal who lives across the hall from me, once. No one else. 

Based on the names and faces I saw on Zoom, I'd say 80% of the residents are black haired and have ancestral roots in lands far away. I am definitely a minority. The silent kind. 

Sure hoping that first Zoom meeting isn't representative of an undercurrent of anger percolating in these buildings. 

All that said, there are still Three Things I'm Thankful For;

1. Julie, Daryl, Jim, Mark and Heather are helping me (pffft. I'm doing nothing, they're not just 'helping' me - they're doing all the work) add some special features to my living room. My TV wall will be getting some shiplap, floating shelves and built in cabinets. It is going to be so sexy. I will sit on my couch and just look at that wall all the livelong day.

After these two had measured and discussed and negotiated and decided how to proceed, Jim took Mark over to the hall closet and said, "Hey. Is it doable to move the washer and dryer into here? Jane needs a better storage closet."

I coulda cried. BIG UGLY TEARS. 

I felt so loved and cared for. 

And I don't care if I share this building with grumpy, scared, frightened, angry people. MY unit, my lil 5th floor nest, is going to be a lovely, safe, fun, restful place for me and all those who enter. (And, contrary to what some owners think, I WILL have guests after 8 pm.) (So guest parking needs to be sorted. THAT'S my main issue.)


2. Back in December when I was hanging out with furnace repair guys at Cultus, I made a THIRD appointment for a technician to take a look and hopefully fix it. That appointment was on Tuesday this week. (Such a good thing the cabin is no one's full time residence. That building was without heat for 17 days.) Because I had two meetings on Tuesday, plus supper plans - Max said he could look after it for me.

I could see from our RING camera that Max got up there on Monday evening. He parked, then entered the front door with an overnight bag and some groceries. I wasn't expecting my phone to jingle again a few minutes later, so I checked the camera and there was my boy, shoveling the steps. I had a moment. Proud of the man he'd become. Grateful that he was looking after things for me. So glad that I was his mom. 

(And the next day, he made sure the septic system was working.) YAY, things are tickety boo up there.)

He called tonight, just as he was leaving, to let me know he left some homemade spaghetti sauce in the fridge for me. 

3. Third thing I'm thankful for? 

The furnace guy knew exactly what the problem was. A $10 part that he had in his truck. He didn't charge us for the service call because it was something his colleague should've caught on his visit. 

SO grateful I didn't go ahead with the new furnace for $8000 like the first guy suggested.


Stay dry, be safe, hug someone you love,


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