Thursday, January 6, 2022

Just Another Three Things I'm Thankful For List ...

 Three Things I'm Thankful For:

1. I sent a text to Ter, asking, "Do you still have a machine that cuts out paper hearts?"

Her immediate response, "Sure do!! Whatcha thinkin?"

I am so grateful for the enthusiasm and total buy-in even before she knows what my idea is. 

By the way, this is what I was thinkin':

2. Sent a text to Heather asking, "Any chance you want to go mall-walking on Thursday night from 6 - 7 pm? 

Her immediate response, "YES."

Grateful for her enthusiasm to walk around Guildford (where it's dry and warm, while the rain storm raged outside...) as well as her encouragement to get my Shingles shot 'seeing we're in the neighbourhood anyway'... 

The mall closed at 7 pm, but London Drugs was open til 10. Like any normal, self-respecting retail store SHOULD BE. 

Wanna see what I bought?

A Kleenex box. I liked it so much I bought all that they had with this design.

And if it's too girlie with all the flowers, I'll just turn it around:

The decorating 'anchor' of this bathroom will be this box of Kleenex. 
For the next month, I will be buying up a lifetime inventory of this item. 
And towels to match. 

Once the box is empty I will save the cardboard and make crafts with it. 
(No I won't.)

Bath and Bedworks had a million things on sale. 

I bought some bubble bath. (Above)

And soap. (Below)

LOVED the packaging. Nothing like a paper wrapper on a bar of soap. If I was an artist, this is what I would design. Soap wrappers.

So pretty. 

3. The third things I'm thankful for are book and game suggestions. 

This week at work, on our chat thread, these items were recommended:


Her comment regarding the game:  

One of the questions was "Where is the worst place to get a tattoo?" All the adults answered something like "On your face" or "On your butt." Our two nephews (age 13 and 15) both answered "In a back alley."

We died laughing.

And this book was given a couple thumbs up:

It's available at our bookstore, here

Yesterday on my Facebook thread, this book was highly recommended as a resource to explore the concept of 'beauty as a form of resistance':

I will be purchasing all three, next payday. Which is in 11 days. 

And then I'll take them to the lake because there's no room in this inn. 

(Speaking of the lake; the furnace is still not working. The septic is still not working. I AM working, but in Langley, doing Focus work. The Lake House will become a priority again, next week when the weather is warmer and wetter and I'm less fragile about the whole project. I was taking every break-down personally. How silly.)

Take care, be nice, wash your hands,



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