Monday, January 3, 2022

Plans. Goals. Resolutions. Purchases.

 Things to think about possibly doing, maybe. Or not. This year? Or next ...

1. Spend more time outside. One of my FB friends is going to aim for 1000 hours outside (with their kids) (to combat screen time). There's a website with assorted trackers to help you record the minutes/hours. I may download one or two. I have a feeling that sitting outside reading a book on my deck isn't exactly what the intention is, so maybe I'll wiggle my legs at the same time. 

2. Go back to blogging things I'm thankful for on a more regular basis. These past two weeks (two months?) have depleted me. Feeling 'done'. That little voice inside my head has taken up the hobby of reminding me of life's challenges. Grrrrr. 

No time like the present, I guess. Today, right now, at 4 pm on Sunday January 2, I'm thankful for this condo that has heat and a functioning sewage system. Grateful for the SKY, in all its glory, that I can see from MY WINDOWS. So happy with my new bedding and a fridge that gives me access to ice cubes and drinking water without even opening the door. Today is my mom's 82nd birthday - I'm thankful that she's alive and healthy and sitting right over there wondering what I'm doing on my computer. :)

3. Do another walk-a-thon? It sure wasn't on my To Do list at the start of 2021, but there it was in May, an opportunity to walk/raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. So I walked. And it was good. I should do that, or something like it, again. 

4. Paint Pebbles on the Patio. (Rockpainting on the deck...) The last time I painted a rock was near the end of September 2021. I miss it.  I didn't start the year thinking I'd be painting 215 rocks in 3 months ... I wonder what'll inspire me this year? I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends doing nothing, or something, on my deck on not-rainy evenings.

5. Homeless Meals. I'll continue arranging these, (with the help of a couple dozen friends) on the fourth Saturday of the month, in Abbotsford. But I read somewhere (?) about the same sort of thing happening in Langley. And Langley is less of a drive, so if that info passes my way again, I'll consider getting involved a couple times a year. 

6. Reading. THIS YEAR I AM GOING TO KEEP TRACK OF THE TITLES I READ. Sheri has been doing it for years which is SUPER inspiring, but I just never seem to get around to it. THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. I hope. I'm sure I have a spare lined notebook somewhere. Or maybe I should go back to keeping track here, on my blog? So my great granddaughter, Kate will know what type of books her great granny read... Assuming this blog and the internet will still be around in 100 years. ALSO, THIS YEAR? I'm going to read more non-fiction, which had been my plan in 2021, but life. 

7. Less screen time. I am slowly being convicted that I need to spend fewer hours scrolling. I don't have a plan in place or anything, but maybe by the end of 2022, I'll feel less guilty about wasted hours? By the way, when I refer to 'screen time', I'm referring to mindless scrolling on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I DO NOT CONSIDER ONLINE CONVERSATIONS, EMAILING, BLOGGING or GOOGLING to be a waste of time. Just so we're clear. Also, how will I keep track of this? There's probably an app. Need to investigate. 

8. Add smoothies to my diet. I have never made one. Nor have I ever drank one. (Unless an Orange Julius is considered a smoothie? Because I would gladly add those to my regular eating routine.) Not even sure I have the correct equipment to undertake this endeavor. Or if I'll like them. Ok, maybe this isn't a definite thing. But I'll give er a try, sometime this year. 

9. Final purge. By the end of the year, I do not want any Rubbermaids cluttering up my patio or my closets. I will have made peace about the items inside them AND LET THEM GO by Dec 31. Hopefully earlier. I anticipate feeling lighter and free-er and floatier and prettier.

10. Renovations. I NEED (OKFINE, I really want) closet organizers and some cabinets in the living room. I've given myself a Dec 2022 deadline. With Julie and Daryl and Jim in charge of making this happen, this'll be done by the summer. I CAN HARDLY WAIT.  

11. Buy patio plants/trees. Figure out a watering system as there isn't a hose bib. Rain water barrel? Giving myself a June deadine for this one. Relying on Maxine to give me advice. 

12. Respond to texts/messages/emails quicker. I realize I kinda suck at getting back to people. People who are waiting to hear from me - I'm so sorry. Instead of responding, I'm blogging about responding. I so suck. Not sure how to make this goal measurable. An excel spread sheet? A chart? September probably has some fancy tool to help me keep track of this.

13. Replace phone. Current one is an iPhone 6, so I'm due for an upgrade. Hoping to do this by the end of January. And yes, as I make this list, I am being reminded what a privileged life I lead. 

14. Start attending church IN PERSON. (At least twice a month? Is that an attainable goal?) (Shrugs shoulders.) I will try, 

15. Do the One Year Bible again. I anticipate learning something new as I read it again. 

16. Eat less pasta. More kale. Try to love beets. Go to bed at midnight. Get up at 8 am. Do sit ups. Be happy about these things. (Or at least, don't complain about them.)

17. Laugh more. Try to be more fun. Play more board games. Good grief woman, be less serious already. 

18. Figure out 2 - 3 meals/menus that I'm comfortable/proud not embarrassed to serve. Then get better at inviting friends in for a casual dinner. (OR unapologetically serve take-out from the restaurants close by.) 

19. Do new things. Keep challenging my brain to learn, try, explore, discover, take risks. Assuming my mom is settled by next fall, and I'm into a manageable groove at my condo; consider taking a course. Taxidermy? Advanced macrame? Poli-sci? Excel Spreadsheeting 101? Or write an article? Or only take photos using the manual settings on my camera? READ MITZI'S OWNER'S MANUAL SO I CAN LEARN HOW TO LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE I DRIVE.  Read my oven's owner's manual so I can use the many cool options besides BAKE. Read the owner's manual for my dishwasher to ensure I'm doing it right. Ditto re: washer and dryer. 

20. Go on a vacation with my kids assuming they want to go on a vacation with me. Europe doesn't seem to be an option, so I'm hoping we can do a repeat (in spirit) of our Tofino trip last year. Very open to destination ideas. 

20 seems like a good place to stop, although I think I could keep going for another dozen. (Go to the library on a regular basis. Plan another pizza picnic at Jesse's sunflower garden this summer. Get pedicures more than twice a year. Get eyebrows tattooed. Visit 6 new-to-me parks/trails this year. Mail this year's Christmas cards by Valentine's Day. Buy a waterproof raincoat.) I do so love making lists. I need to print this one off and post it on the back of my bedroom door. 

Three things I'm thankful for: (Mon Jan 3 @ 6pm)

1. Evenings talking about 'where we came from' ... our Mennonite history is rich. I hope we don't lose the stories. 

2. Ability to watch the weather change as it passes by my condo. 

3. The breathing space today to think and dream and wish and plan. The last three months have been so frantic there's been no opportunity to take a step away from the NOW and think about LONG TOMORROW. (I guess I should still be obsessed with the issues at the lake house (furnace not working, entire cabin smelling of sewage, bathroom faucet still leaking, and so on) but I JUST HAD TO WALK AWAY for a few days for my mental heath. I'll pick up that baton again next Monday. 

Take care, have fun, be safe,


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