Thursday, August 4, 2022

Just a Lovely Lovely Wednesday

 Three (or more) Things I'm Thankful For:

1. I love that when I get Mitzi serviced, I have free wifi, a water cooler, and a desk in a quiet area available for my use. 

2. I am so so grateful that Covid and the accompanying shortage of workers has made us a more grace-filled people. The publisher that prints our Focus magazines had to close for two weeks because of assorted ailments; there was no one to run the presses. Meh. The magazines will get here when they get here. So many things are outside our control; worrying and fretting is a waste of time. So glad we're chill after we've looked into all options.

3. I got mail! From Hungary! And I love it so hard. It's an original watercolour with ink called The Fairytale Enchanted Forest that I ordered a couple weeks (?) (months?) ago. 

4. Met Heather for pedi's after work, then we saw a movie. AND SHE HAD MORE BLUE HYDRANGEA FOR ME. 

5. I have friends coming over tomorrow night to paint rocks with me. SO excited. 

6. Woot! BRIO magazine:

My article. And one of my rocks. 

Such an unexpectedly good day. 

Thanks for reading, grab a crayon, colour something, then feel your boobs. 


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