Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Thanks, Facebook

It's August 1.

BC Day.

No-work day.

First day of a new month. First day of the week. AND IT'S SUNNY. A hattrick. 

For me that usually means I want to start doing something; walk 70 thousand-hundred miles every day. Or not eat anything delicious for the entire month. Or go to bed before 2 am. Or finally start following that Yoga thingy Dede suggested. Or stop feeling guilty about spending time alone. Or start a book that will challenge my brain. Take a pic a day with my CAMERA; be artsy. 

So as I lay in bed (at noon, when I was well and truly finished sleeping), I thought about the new starts I'd begin today as I checked in on Facebook. My favorite features are the Memories. 

And 3 years ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

How come I keep forgetting that? Haha. Last year Facebook had to remind me as well. 

All I can conclude is that these horrific, big, life-changing moments that you think you'll never bounce back from, are indeed, often bounce-backable. (OK. Some aren't. But most are.)

So this is my message to you, friends who are reading this now, and to my great grands (Joey and Kate) in the future; 


The author of your life is a great writer. A fab story-teller. So creative. So many unexpected chapters. Your SOMETHING TERRIBLE really is awful. It is horrific and it will change you. 

The best stories, movies, novels, songs, shows, whatever ... have a storyline arc where the main character endures one catastrophe and heart ache after another. And by the end of the play, they are a stronger/nicer/changed/redeemed person.

God created you. He's the author of your story. He's got a good plan for your life. There will be road bumps and falling anvils and shitty diagnoses and "I don't love you anymore"s and addictions and lost jobs and failing grades and rejections and steep cliffs with no handrails and so on. 

Learn what you can from the chapter you're in. And be ready for the next chapter which could have a new opportunity in it, or peace about your marriage, or a new grandchild (or 10). It could have a restored kitchen with the latest appliances or a travel invitation to Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan. You might get promoted, or get to live in a condo with a kick-ass patio. Maybe some broken relationships will be restored. Maybe you'll find a sport you love doing. 

Or maybe you'll get to enjoy a season of good health and no surprises. 

Your terrible, no good, very bad thing, could turn out to be a blessing in the end. Maybe?



I just read my very raw blog posts in August 2019 when I was diagnosed. And relived the adrenaline-inducing fear that was my constant companion those first 72 hours. 

SO glad those days are over. 

And thinking about the other August First Ladies who were diagnosed with breast cancer the same day as me. Praying for them again, right now. Trusting they are through the worst of it, feel loved, have hope and aren't obsessing.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My battered, slightly blue, a bit mis-shapened, left boob. 

2. So many answered prayers. 

3. Colours blue and green.

4. Warm brownies and Haagendas ice-cream.

5. Folding lawn chairs. 

6. Warmed up lakes. 

7. Starry nights.

8. Good books. 

9. Smooth stones.

10. Evening walks.

11. Chicken stir fry. 

12. Duct tape. 

13. Mammograms.

14. Kindles.

15. King-sized beds.

16. Sushi

17. Dreams.

18. Conversations

19. Connections

20. Hope

August 1 selfie. No make-up. Very unwashed hair. 

Deep peace, much gratitude.

Thanks for reading, tell someone you love them and feel your boobs,


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