Monday, February 5, 2024

Goodbye Again


This is Glennda.

She's my friend from work. 

She passed away on Friday afternoon. 

She was the Director of Product Marketing. I was the Project Manager. 

Together we did things. Like, for example, when she needed a 32 page Christmas catalogue designed, printed and mailed, I would make sure the Christmas catalogue was designed, printed and mailed. 

There was over a decade of respect between us; she had been marketing Christian resources forever. She was confident, experienced, gentle-spoken, fun, professional, and had a great head of thick, healthy hair. She led her team with warmth, kindness, strength and compassion. But mostly, she loved Jesus and was absolutely dedicated to getting the best books, tapes, DVD's, and various resources into the hands of parents and grandparents who were shaping the lives of the next generation of littles. 

And as confident as she was in her team's abilities, she was trusted my team to create the print pieces, the emails, the web pages, and the social media posts. 

In 2019, according to those who were around at the time, I was the first staff person in 36 years to be diagnosed with cancer. 

In 2021, she was the second. 

Our relationship was mostly professional until we had the C word in common. Then it got personal. Deeply personal. 

We talked, cried, and prayed together. Usually in my office. (Which felt like Holy ground whenever she and I would share God stories.) 

It's so hard to say goodbye, isn't it? 

But we (I) know, she's in Heaven with The One she loves the most. She is likely singing (she had the voice of an angel), hopefully dancing, and probably laughing - painfree and in total peace. 

Thank you, Glennda, for your friendship. Thank you for being a role model; your leadership style was inspiring. I am going to miss you, girlfriend. 

Grateful that our paths crossed. Until we meet again, take care xo

The Lord is Glennda's shepherd;

   She has all that she needs.

He lets her rest in green meadows;

    he leads her beside peaceful streams.

    He renews her strength.

He guides her along right paths,

    bringing honor to his name.

Even when she's walked

    through the darkest valley,

She wasn't afraid,

    for He was close beside her.

His rod and His staff

    protected and comforted her.

He prepared a feast for her

    in the presence of my enemies.

The Lord honors her by anointing her head with oil.

    Glennda's cup overflows with blessings.

Surely His goodness and unfailing love will pursued her

    all the days of her life,

and she will live in the house of the Lord



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